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Are the men in the middle of the defensive line now bonus you will get a rest first at ten Ohio state at the thirty four yard line. does the vios takes the stamp throws out near the left sideline for K. J. hill AJ hill thrown out of bounds by Xavier Henderson at the thirty nine yard line. so to be second down five. Mike von a huge back in the game. he and rake one at the tackles. Justin feels as Dobbins do is let play fakes to Dobbins time to throw throws it left sideline for Benjamin victory got the football at midfield any falls at the forty nine yard line of image you Joe but she makes the tackle. on the string beans Benjamin Victor six four one ninety nine. first at ten Ohio state this part forty nine. deals hands the ball off the Dobbins breaks a tackle now another death the thirty angles to the left sideline is that the twenty yard line and finally knocked down at the twenty by drew Beasley who saved the touch down a twenty nine yard run from Dobbins a powerful run he's got speed but he's got power as well yes he does very quick in between the tackles first down and ten houses a sport twenty end up to Dobbins again tries the middle it's two maybe three. tackled by Ty reed Thompson a Kenny will look as. Ohio state trying to punch another one in the end zone they lied twenty seven to ten. seventeen twenty one carries a hundred sixty five yards. for JK Dobbins now. football. place down at the seventeen yard line. second down in seven. field stands to Dobbins running to his right and Dobbins is hip. at the fourteen. N. stops by Nick one Jones anti Rick Thompson. well jokes walking in the middle here now for the third down call. third almost four for Ohio state is the Michigan state fifteen yard line what's the RPO well the whole of to a least a. field goal try here. field says Dobbins to is left to the shot gun. please wait to Dobbins fields runs to was left these at the tan falls forward to the five or six yard line its first and goal. Jake punish you knocked him down with the six yard line. Ohio state now seven of thirteen on third downs. and we have Jake punish you injured. for the Spartans. there was really no Foolin her people take a look at Jake. he is three tackles and he's been disruptive at times in the back field for the Buckeyes. tough tough player right there that was tucked touchdown saving tackle. so he came down awkwardly grabbed it back. position is then that usually signals or some kind of a. tweak. we get him up. in the back area millions into walking over to the far sideline. it does look like you could be L.. a lower back injury of some kind. to be easily will take his place. this first and goal for Ohio state at the Michigan state six yard line but guys already lied to twenty seven to ten. just it feels. has doubles behind it now with the pistol. Nick you're set to the right. posted mac to the left. hand off to Dobbins fights his way inside the five down to the three yard line of the Spartans hi Rick Thompson makes the tackle was still of eleven and fifteen to go in the game Ohio state leaves the twenty seven to ten. second and goal at the Michigan state three. Benjamin Victor wide left Austin mac to the right. Dow buttons to the left of just to feel. hand off to Dobbins to the goal line just got a touchdown Ohio state. three yard run. the junior from lagrange Texas JK Dobbins. this second store the night the first word came from sixty seven yards away. now he has a hundred and seventy three yards of the evening and the Buckeyes lead thirty three to ten. a double check to make sure we got to the end zone. the six. to see if his knee was down before the ball across the goal line. his elbow. there were maybe a little bit. yeah let me in left elbow. on the ground welcome back to the one yard line. this may not be as you heard Jason say the G. D. for the Buckeyes. with just under eleven minutes to go the football game. one is me was though with the ball at the one yard line. on the right word. referee Larry Smith. with everybody here in Columbus one hundred thousand plus watching no this third and goal now the one yard line. Ridgewood Victor set wide left. three tight ends one of the wing on the right thing here feels runs to is right get to the goal line revert back but they say he's in. guided by an eyelash if he did. he gets up slowly. took a pretty good shot. like Joe but she and in one Simmons with their. hello milk this may not be touched down either but I don't think they're going to review this one. mobile will try the point after. splits the uprights. Ohio state thirty four Michigan state ten ten forty one to play..

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