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Raising. So that's what's going on in the country world right now number five or number one soft and then we went through the top forty. What the rock world. So there you go. We got you covered On what's happening all right and all the formats like to go through with the late night guys are doing Why simply because we want to know what the hell is so funny. Okay okay. it's interesting stuff to go through. Okay to see how these guys take. What's going on in the world as far as topics topicality and making jokes on it. Right jimmy fallon kimmel's david spade filled in on monday tonight. Is sarah silverman. That'll be good. Yeah and then you have. And it's funny because jimi kibbles out. So does he give her sarah silverman great guests. No max in allie gedi. I don't know where that is James mcavoy mcavoy. James mcevoy mcevoy cave. Who is that who he was the guy who he played Professor x and the newer x-men movies he was in great. Am night shamlan. Well it of course competitor stephen colbert. He's got alan alda. You got that one right. But it's like four called stephen colbert. Nobody knows who alan alda is. Who what does allen older do it. He's breathing the segment and he's still breathing. Segment alan all. This is going to join us. Billy crystals is on jimmy fallon. So he'll come on their back jim. You're not funny. It's not funny funny. All but he'll come on there and give him a blessing. Jerry gras great job. He sucks to. And then jimmy big got grace. You're so great. Let's all good. Let's do a rat pit. I'm glad you did you. Look you look marvelous. Rap disney just released the prices for its new star wars galactic star cruiser hotel and it can cost you up to six thousand dollars for two nights day all over at the marriott six grand. We'll get you the entire marianne. Now the target for the joke was one hundred percent correct because those disney prices are pretty damned nicholas. But but that's been since the beginning of time the elbe but this even more so because they opened up this whole new star wars hotel. Yeah well they're gonna pay for it right so it's like per night per person. It could be like you said like almost well. How much are you paying. I'm going to pay like trying to kill my wife like listen to us just go. It's like twelve hundred but signed a couple other people that want to go with us and you all stay in the same room. It's like eight hundred. We'll be fun last. Oh be dressed up like a. It's going to be awesome. I take that back to be fouling. It was a hilarious joke. Okay haven't paid for it then have a paid for your stanton. Optical business owner says. He can't convince all of his employees to be vaccinated. What employees said. She was concerned because she thought of vaccine had caused the characters in the film. I am legend to turn into zombies. Just leaving why do you need to go with what. What could you tag that with. Nothing because it's already good all right. Let's hear i'm guessing. The requirements to get a job at that store are not that demanding. That's it yeah. That's like stumbling out of the jack. Just smile look at the care. That's all you had. That's all that's what you say to that. You middle-aged talk is like being a middle-aged man at chucky cheese alone. No-one said there's an age limit. But i probably should be escorted out spain. Spades delivery even it on a borderline joke is still great. Yeah because he's david spade. Yeah sorry he's a lot better than those other guys and he was just filling in for jimmy. Kimmel who god knows. What is doing debates like family man. Dumbers take the summer off hanging out with his family. What are you serious. Delicious definition sexy man. Who's is into sports in leather. But now i am now at phobia. Maybe since he and kentucky he is gunky he is hunt speak of ob cream and keeps like rangel season say so delicious once again at one more time and i can say it baby chris galicia say your name give us kisses. Electric gas sponsors. The sports wiring. Today's world at five one three. Yeah that's at area code. Two two seven forty one twelve boy electric cincinnati dot com all. The work comes with a ten year warranty docking warranty with the reds bullpen. Oh former red with a two run homer stephen votes. Pensions loaded walk into sixth-inning forced into go ahead run braves got by the reds last night. Three to to walk the punisher aristidies aquino to those who knew no hit a home. Run for an early to nothing. Lead behind sonny gray but devolves twenty-fifth tied the game for the fourth. Then ask then. Why then disaster. Sidon adventure begins He's cambrian amir garrick bind to walk three batters into brave sixth-inning damn helping to break the tie. Garrett was oh and two ahead of stephen vote and ends up walking them They need to sacrifice a live chicken. Well garrett says now the heck with it he said even worse After the game now but he said the heck what. I'm not thinking anymore. Oh just throw the ball over the plate here straight now. There is a smart man book. Lord pro hand. The reds had runners onto the night but will smith the actor. Yeah braves closer. Okay mic stock us moose head into a game-ending dp got gygi with today at seven twenty. Okay i got weird star times. They've they've had weird star times in atlanta ever since with ted turner member seven thirty five. You make fun of you know why to make sure they had time for wrassling. You're right superstation. Yeah well and also don't forget. Programming lies everybody all the other. Tv station at at a time. I just wanted to throw that. I know you're just you're just bitter an nfl. Central milwaukee west swept a double header from chicago so the reds are now seven. Back of the brewers got you and the wildcard san diego beat miami.

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