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Accompanying lost last of months. It has a week with a sub committee of governing body commission committee and we have a great through an. We've signed the ira obviously cops and serve our legal obligation some across the whole quality arena. But interesting i went on a visit to auschwitz a few years ago with some other. Vc's my then vp education and the union of jewish students and on the one hundred felt so wrong to actually standing almost like a tourist on the side of such atrocities on the other hand. It was a profound experience. I think it's given me much more radar to be alive anti semitic comments and actions. What struck me think as well about the select committee hearing was the mp suggesting that essentially michelle done. Linda's universities minister should be picking up the phone to the vice chancellor bristol and kind of thing. I haven't i. Haven't you sacked this man yet. what are you doing. We won't we won't reports of progress and of course it's sort of evidence of the strength feeling i suppose about the issue and the sort of the importance of universities being quite as transparent as they can be given given the circumstances of being essentially a kind of an investigation into into the conduct of staff. Member a humbling these issues but but it also. I think it is interesting. Isn't it that are under the impression that that would be a reasonable thing for universities minister to do i think it said something. About how high politicized universities are becoming an influence policy. Saying they should have you know. I think that's right but they also it indicates how they still starting to be investors as part of the school system where they can reach in and take an actional shake it up but i think i think in the public will probably would understand why not. It's tapping into kind of commonsense people. Would people would assume that that ministers might have some say over what goes on at universities and their policies. I think i guess they will that quite how they would manage hundreds of higher education institutions as well as run there. I'm not quite sure i do. Think that the interventionist approach is not going to solve this on the other hand. I do think that anti semitism is still very much with us. So i'm entirely sympathetic to the view on just have to have our our antennae out for it. Be interested to hear what the regulator has to say about this. I get the impression that there. There's lots of things coming out the department for education. That maybe the regulator. Has i think also it speaks to the difference between the kind of symbolic adoption of position. You know talking. You were talking about institutional racism for it for david. Richardson to stand up and say yes. University through institutionally racist brave thing to do likewise to choose to adopt the ira definition of antisemitism. It takes a position. Is it pitchy on on one side of offense. That is a really important thing for universities to do is kind of the in their public role. But you really do need to back it up with action and that is that is the most important thing. Let's see who's been blocking for us this week. Hi i'm claire. Taylor deputy vice chancellor and professor as education at wrexham glendower university. I've been thinking about asking questions. And my piece of is a provocation around moving away from functional questions that consider what when very much a focus of the posture towards creating space for asking more powerful questions as we look at the future and for me. It's the why questions that we need to be better asking asking why moves away from the operational and transactional into the realms of inspiration and innovation and in my view. We really need. This is a sector as we move out to the period focused on copay response but in addition in my piece. I also suggest we need to facilitate opportunities and space for new voices to ask why across the sector and within organizations. We need to be prepared to take diversity of thought. Listen to different voices and step beyond our comfort zone. Someone said the future belongs to the curious. So let's have a. Let's move away from asking..

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