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Go drawing lines final assault. I'm Michael Toscano. Lines are already being drawn for the big battle over spending. That's officially starting just about this minute. As President Trump's budget proposal for the coming fiscal years being delivered to Capitol Hill. Mr. Trump calling for a five percent across the board cut in all spending except for the military as we hear from correspondent Boris Sanchez. President Trump actually asking for a thirty five billion dollar increase in defense spending, including eight point six billion dollars for his long promised border wall. And on top of that President Trump is asking for an additional three point six billion dollars essentially to reimburse money that he's used during his national emergency declaration over the issue of immigration to make it simpler, the president is asking congress to authorize money that he went around them to spend Democrats are not very happy about this military operations against the final Islamic state enclave in eastern Syria are continuing this morning helped by airstrikes from US-backed forces. Cor. Correspondent Ben Wedeman reports from the scene that the US backed forces have made modest advances into the holdout news despite snipers and landmines. This is the third time in the last month that the US back Syrian democratic forces have tried to retake this is a very small piece of land. But every time they've gone in. They've fought for about two to three days and then called a halt to allow civilians to come out Ethiopia and China grounding, their new Boeing seven thirty-seven max at jetliners after the crash of a second one yesterday in Ethiopia. Both the cockpit voice recorder and the digital flight data recorder have now been recovered as David McKenzie reports recovery of the bodies of all one hundred fifty seven people onboard continues Debbie field stretches along way diggers digging up this terrible job the airline plowed into this field about the area of two basketball court Wall Street facing an uncertain opening the Dow futures down one hundred and fifty five points. I'm Michael Toscano. Broadcasting.

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