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Says he's willing to sharply boost tariffs on. China is AP Washington correspondent saga megani reports Trump's escalated his threats to punish China for. It's trade policies he's already imposed, or threatened tariffs on more than two hundred thirty billion dollars worth, of. Chinese imports and the president's indicating he's now willing to. Put them on. Every product imported from China last year the US imported roughly five hundred five billion dollars in goods the president. Tells CNBC he's willing to go to five hundred blasting Washington's trade, deficit with Beijing I don't like it and I haven't liked it for many years China has already retaliated with. The duties of its own and American businesses who'd be hit in a trade war, are pushing back against the administration's moves saga megani At the White. House The EU once Member States be prepared for possible disorderly British exit from the. Block Brexit negotiations version I'm pass largely because the British government is struggling to command. A majority in parliament there's growing concern that the country could end up crashing out of the EU without have to deal the European Commission published document warning over the potential impact of no deal from the ability to travel to the collection of tariffs and the need to safeguard, EU standards and regulations Britain and the. Twenty seven EU nations both say they want a smooth. Brexit went into fish Lee, takes, place in March however talks over the past year of got bogged down amid deep. Political divisions in London on what strategy to take the document was published ahead of the first meeting between e you, chief negotiator Michel Bundy and the British government's new Brexit secretary Dominic Robb President Trump's invited Russian President Vladimir Putin to the White House this fall for a second get together is AP Washington correspondent saga megani, reports Trump's also still pushing back against. Criticism of this week's Helsinki summit with Putin the president. Says the summit was a, great, success to everybody but the news media whom he is accusing of try to provoke. A confrontation with Moscow that could lead to war but there is bipartisan concern about what was said since it was, just the two presidents and their interpreters it is utterly amazing utterly amazing That no one knows what was said this. Is a democracy top Senate democrat Chuck Schumer GOP Senator Lindsey Graham says the president needs to be careful. It's imperative that he, understand that He's, misjudging the president says. He. Wants another, meeting with Pooh in to start. Implementing some ideas saga megani Washington I am Ralph Rousseau AP. College football writer and host of the AP top. Twenty five college football podcast available on apple podcast. And podcast. One while there be sure to subscribe Rayton review.

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