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Problem but it was a madhouse what's it safe chess you've told me about how the fires can jump free ways and moves in waves suddenly so was it was it was a credible to let that traffic go back and forth there were women are there were children there were families there were trucks everything was moving greer who nation i was given about widely let them growers grit had already or track you'd already started when the time the fires were started going off and the fog worker tried to stop people and try to turn them around or try to slow traffic we might very well endanger farmer any more people than if we just western get through it you're on the other side and away from the fire was if you stopover swan it's gonna create a much bigger problem um and was the fire close to i couldn't tell the perspective was odd there was at one point the woman was driving towards a fireball that was ripping down the side of a of a hill that's the exact effect that i've explained four on the show is that you have fired creating its own wind storms and it it becomes like a tidal wave a hurricane on its own and then googles you know incredible distance is an incredible speed that's what you were still in yes that was true and this again who's been appeased up and down the state as we watch these fires occur and i and people are taking footage all sorts of i a fired nick was is la act still open are they taking off and landing in this yeah i want to find his farther south it doesn't have any problems with education all right now while that vegetation i learned from you that the getty museum was.

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