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Our social media sleep publish every show to Facebook and Google plus. And if he comment there and we read it on the show, we'll send you a copy music owed by and definitely follow us on Twitter. He's at rich Campbell. I'm at Carl Franklin Senate tweet. We pass them onto bogus who uses them as random value generators, seeds. Nice. You too. Could be a randomly generated address from Nebraska. That's right. You'll show up in somebody's database somewhere. Let's bring back to dot net rocks. One sues Hinton. She is job script developer who likes to tinker with hardware a maker at heart. She's no stranger to minor burns from soldering irons and three printers. She's a regular contributor to the open source node j s electrons seen and enjoys teaching others how to immerse themselves in the nervous. Welcome back sues. Nice that me back really excited. You still have your shoes? Yes, I do have a funny state is how about this? I think the last time I spoke to you, I think there was like a book coming out with like instructions on how to make shoes ram and the book came out, and I didn't really hear if anyone made the shoes and then my best friend's dad went to make a fait in Japan and that's where he lives. He went to make a fit Tokyo. And there was this one set up with me out shoes and right neck. Two, it was a screen that was just endlessly looping all of my YouTube videos, goodness. And it just blew my mind like he took a photo of it. He tweeted at me in, I was just like someone actually did it, but also why they playing a YouTube videos that Sufa we have at least that's, you know credits, right? They weren't claiming this uses their own. It was really citing. The amazing person who made them? Yeah, though shoes are five years old. I'm looking at the at the get hub site really own. It's like some pretty bad Java scrip- to maybe before this live go and fix it. I can't imagine anybody being proud of any code. They row five years ago. Yeah, I'm totally going to look at it after this and it's gonna give me that sort of ood look, half hour comes feeling, but also stayed seated feeling of shame. If you wanna know what were sort of in on here were talking about Souza's Lascaux with us, which was her first which was eleven. Oh six from February thirteen twenty fifteen called building. I o devices with Susan where she talked about her meow shoes people, the reference there, of course. So what do you up to lately I know could Microsoft is really exciting mile wound days. You are cloud developer advocate? That's correct. So I am focused on IT so nothing much has changed the just of poed my hobby into my professional life now, which is pretty exciting for me to be able to do. And so that gives me pretty busy. But on the side, I'm still doing IOT things right now. I just moved apartment. So trying to make a humorous smut house. And I'm so with that, yeah, hot..

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