Blaine Brooks, Houston Zoo, Newsradio discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Houston zoo, weather, traffic, less breaking news twenty four seven from the gallery furniture made it America's studios. This is NewsRadio seven forty. Houston an iheartradio station. The president says he's still not sure about that border deal. I'm Eric sharp is two thirty on NewsRadio seven forty KTAR, h traffic and weather together. Let's start things off with Blaine Brooks. As you make your way on sixty nine east. Southbound just fast McGowan, we had an earlier stall vehicle. There has been moved to the shoulder overnight road work zone site in the east freeway westbound at Crosby Lynchburg, those two left lanes are closed. Also, roadwork along the west park tollway eastbound at sixty nine and two hundred eight north and south between Belford in Holly, hull street like Brooks in the Gulf Coast windows dot com. Twenty.

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