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Yeah. I've had some big injuries because of the way i fight i laid eight out there and <hes> yeah if another week in the hospital comes from this one then <hes> you know we'll talk and ospital escorts and we'll we'll we'll <hes>. We'll assess where it's out from there but i got a number. I got that number seven next to my name. I'll probably say the same thing i did when i was in the hospital and being like wow just keep going until until those numbers not next to my name so i keep getting els then then. I'll hang it up but if i'm winning i'll take the frigging injuries 'cause i can eat ice cream. Even now so it's no big deal. We've spoken off air about this. You know keeping the aggression to a certain extent owner tops because i know we've talked about this before you even name that zero to one hundred sometimes that you're tampering the battery and fights. This must be particularly sort of pivotal and moments in my opinion of this fight. That's coming that imos keep that under check and what have you done to keep that check with duke and this viscount well. I mean <hes> on the pads. I can tell you he's trying to hit me nonstop. He's got shingles on and he's punching me in the face. The thai ipads smacking me kicking me in the body and and just making me wait through the storm and keep calm <hes> same inspiring. He's right there com com aw he's getting fired up. He knows he'll be yelling that in this fight i can guarantee you that just <hes> we just we might have certain codes for about hostile. How's that been a major problem near career default that you know you got hit and you just want to just go out and swing doors actually a lot of technique. Oh at the window and that happens yeah. It has in the past but one of the things. I think we're getting really good at for this. Fight is taking that that rage of that anger and aggression and <hes> trying to put technique technique behind it and it's just like just just get even don't get mad get even if he gets you so okay. Get him back. Stay on them. <hes> i'm going to get hit guys. Get these spending the top ten the top five for most of his career so have spartan arden. I know how skilled he is but i know what he's not good at it as well and <hes> fades where he breaks but i know the pressure's gotta be a little more on him already. You know what i mean. He'd beat me once. Why can't he be me again. <hes> you know the cars were. We're all in his favor and the gym. It was mark henry coaching. It's against me. I was the guy coming into to help out and never really got you know fully immersed i into that camp partially because of that reason that it's in with this guy all these other guys remarks guy so i never really got brought on board so there's always gonna china. You know secondhand advice when i was there. Nicotine was my coach always helping me out. He was always giving me advice but nothing against nick. I love that guy is fantastic but he comes from a different background than i do come from a grappling and a wrestling background so even when he's giving me advice. It's always learned advice from nick. You know what i mean. <hes> that whereas now i've got a moi thai kickboxing champion and k one champion and you know his brother was a champion in duke so being their first instincts are what's that he's being there yeah exactly so. It's just a different a different voice in my corner at this time that i think will will happen..

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