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Federal study shows pollution in Puget Sound is weakening the shelves of young crabs trying to say they were expecting that but not until much later this century and now your forecast some scattered showers through to nineteen forties overnight with the low fifties again for Saturday was scattered showers and view some breaks possible from the cover seven pinpoint weather center I'm meteorologist clear Anderson gets fifty degrees in downtown Seattle I'm the boss miss anything follow us on Facebook to get caught up however radio ninety seven three FM news and talk powered by the Pacific Northwest Rick Tomlin Felix been out here on camera radio ninety seven point three FM and a glorious Friday here in the Pacific Northwest along with the eighteen producer Andrew Shonda Tory on boards Miley Katie who have worked with and you have as well yeah Felix the past couple days great to see you as usual you in traffic for us today Felix you went to school right around here Lake Washington high school in nineteen eighty six graduate a kangaroo proud came to represent yeah was there ever a teacher that you didn't like very much during her time for that we have for this segment you have yet lord no one that you would get into arguments with or maybe even felt like I kind of want to get into fisticuffs with this no there was a guy there was a guy coach Jim told and I don't I don't even know if he's still alive anymore he was coach of the kangaroos football team in their legendary like seventy five year winning streak that they had when they were the only high school and we had a hundred mile radius but when I was in high school in the early to mid eighties he had retired from coaching he was a substitute teacher he would fill in on my business law class and when.

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