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A, veteran, move. By the youngsters Columbus quickly other, ways, artists to, through-ball look like he was off side gets to it left side offside flag is down as artists Santos. Santos crossbar post and it's over the head of everybody out of the box towards, the far touchline chase down, by awful. He fires in across and it's blocked by, Lundquist goes out of play for Columbus throw eighty seven th minute nil nil Quick throw in back awful leading cross bounces off of wac Opoku who sit the cross in watts got a touch on it and then. Bounced, off of mayor almond went. Through the bylines. You'll be Joe Willis goal kick for. The dynamo, dared. Wasser had overrun that cross as Opoku got it in there and it was. Behind Watson. He just tried to flick it passed, in, the flick, kind of ended up causing Miranda got on mayor when he wasn't expecting it and just harmlessly goes out. Past the byline to Houston dynamo try to hold on here get a point haven't, really had the opportunity since, tomorrow Minolta's Shot just went over the bar. Pain you got called for. A foul off the goal kick Mensa wanted a, card on, them for cumulation over to mayor on quickly left side he fires across takes it. Affliction Boniek Garcia try to. Clear it and kind of whipped on the clearance of bit but it bounced right demoniac a right to Eric Alexander worked out all right now over to the. Nearside, for Andrew winger winger goes. Long down the. Touchline goes out of play for Columbus. Bro The only on the Eighty-eight Ronin quickly the, Mensa Mensah. Across the halfway line over to. The right side it's Harrison. Off. On a play that must be done player Yep looking over to the backline. Leonardo's down Cramping it's left hamstring laying. Down.

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