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Laurent, and Frank leboeuf join us. Reflect on this game which was dominated by Donnie. Joel's. Your right done especially at the beginning of the game live seek out the best of the first fifteen minutes really after the peninsula turn. I given by the referee, and then taken away by after he was sick, and they also had the last fifteen between it was more of a contest and hoping I'm probably had the best chances as well. The hit the crossbar. It could have easily called one or two, but overall I. Think I've seeking than your specialty in the opening fifteen minutes just two. Quick the where they go forward. As soon as they get the ball back is incredible, and with two lovely finishes justifying again the big. Big transfer fee that you got when you move that in January. But what prospect is only twenty two years of age and remember he was in Croatia was before we had a lot of experience, their Champions League, and now that was a big move in the most better side, much better much better league, as well and slowly adapting to Nagas style and showing how talented these the Spaniard, when he first arrived maybe didn't quite justify that big translator tag. However, it says look great today Frank. Yeah, it did it did didn't. He made the difference and juice said you know the first twenty minutes. Where mostly after that? Penalty decision of For the from the referee that they took the to curb the way they needed. To be taken that game and almo-. To to two good goals to to in fact, do game, because even if often I'm changes as Joe said they never seems to be. In position to really score goal and could have maybe two hours three hours, maybe no school. It was a strange game after those two goals from Oh and and. I got. I got a little bit bored. So beautiful Spanish guy in the midfield of. Steam to to enjoy a little bit of my evening. I like you so long that you aboard? It's alright you're with us, you can. To pretend. T my vernon meanwhile since the News Lincoln to Chelsea. He's got rubbish gills. Mrs Big Chances. He's created the goal against by the bone for for buttery shake, but but overall you ride. It seems a bit off his game. We saw tonight again with a chance hard to really really kill off the game a tune-up. Hit a way over the by not just a near miss it was, it was quite bad. Miss, and and I thought even the second half he had two or three good positions and didn't make the most of it either. Made, the wrong decision by shooting win should have crossed things like that and I just think maybe. Divorce uncertainty waste certainty because he would go to Chelsea, but the FIDAI Khan really be official. Yeah ECON. Do Medical St the bit of talks between the two. Maybe that's playing on his mind. And maybe that's why we're not seeing the most efficient version of Venezia. We've seen earlier in the season. Although missing chances is is quite his weakness I think he's still has to improve in front of goals, and then he was even more goals once. You make sure that he gets easy. Chances tongue-in-cheek, obviously frank. You know he hasn't turned rubbish overnight. HOW WAIVER! If Jones is about psychologically. It's on his mind. Maybe he just wants to get it. Don this is a great is the future? If you come school against Hawthorn High, Mole Paderborn, because you're worrying about this move. It doesn't bode well for the big games. I know where you want to go, but I can understand that I want to find him some excuse about. The fact that is of stressed, a baby overly overwhelmed by assume decision of moving from Club and his country to a new championship, and the world was talking about him. Is Spoiled wise where nobody was. Strengths fearing somebody also, it was the only one and we talked all week long about to move on are going to to Chelsea, so I felt a little bit of pressure and this bit normal that you don't know where you stand at some point, and the result is a average games rich performance. And also showing that he needs to improve to said. The fact that these wasted is wasting alaka of Chintzy, and he's not a top top scorer, and you still need a progression that matter, but. I'm not worried about that. He's GonNa work that he's going to be tune when he's going to go to Chelsea. And I'm pretty sure there's going to improve his game of finishing actions and he's going to do well for the club. It's strange because we're talking about. Chelsea is if the season is already finished obviously still a long way to go for the end of the premier. League which. Is this week jobs, but let's have a look show. Let's speculate about how they could set up. At the start of next season. We already know at Hackensack is gonNA come in. That is a done deal verner as well. So how will they fit around the players this interesting debate already? It's hard to tell because one lump has so many options, and you can play in so many different ways, and to think you would really use this versatility next season when he would adopt your position, depending if their home away or that things would come into consideration, but if you if you think about it and what we know for sure is. Ideally, he would like to play both Abraham Anti moving in together so they can play with. On the left and sides. They can play a bit like what we see with. Regularly, with use of course and playing, as a as a number, nine and as The anchor if you want and tim over being playing a second striker and I believe and I'm sure. I'm sure a lot of people agree as well. That's probably best position of course can play white and he can play on his own up front. Playing off someone who could hold the border better than him, maybe could use his presence within, and then adding the pace, and he's. He's intelligence in the I. Think for me. As best producer, of course you can always play with to a Franz especially in the primary, there will be some games where lump wood fence doing begins where. The left, and for example in the four three three formation, but I really think that then it behind Abraham the way to for lump on next season. Do you like that idea, frank? Yeah, it's Nice, and it's a possibility but I think I was going to I was going to much and and worker the. Steam and also don't forget that if you do that. If you put very as a nine and a half or ten, you only put canty and Georgina behind him, you put out stitch and you put out mount as well so you will have to consider you know psychologically our your team's going to work and I think it's not be only one position for better. And as you said again, is going to go to the left. Maybe he's going to go. As as a striker Brim knows not GonNa, play me away from some games because Allan Poe will be looking for some patient in the game and and counterattack so Y- mini. Possibility has the change that is not stuck in one position. It conveyed several others and I'm pretty sure he's going to. He's going to play some game because of. Different tactics boys thank you very much. Keep out today.

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