Mitch Mcconnell, Republican Party, Senator Turner discussed on The Bill Press Show


At ihs tonkov forward slash career ops that c a r e r ops email ihs recruiters at ihf dot org telling her with you and marie creek colorado hey marie what's on your mind i love the fact that you worded he was so ride on i would hand what's going on right now not you see it absolutely demonic it is immoral all right you play she absolutely all the worst human human condition i want to go back to eternity moment ago and i thought it was so right on hugh she said that area indication the it here eight years repeal it will be thirty three million people will be happy to help kick but we start calling here's what it actually it i think i think mitch mcconnell has revealed their hand in thing well we'll just repeal the whole thing is attacked break for the rich rich and stretchered away take all of the five years there's some kind get here for or middle class low income people it stripped away yeah now the republican party doesn't give a rat's ass about anybody who makes less than a million dollars a year are probably paying three hundred thousand dollars upi yeah if we need a constitutional amendment has got healthcare and education can never be one profit leave i agree written under the constitution that validify that through the can't come back and do the health care and education are absolutely essential to a culture to a society one nation yup are you had you had a caller on a couple of months ago heart attack that we need to call it why did hear richard factor senator turner's rebranding or or language issue we need to call the hotline heard the if you attention all human fact i i we had even i had a conversation after month up about what constitutes human factor type e r the ball not vive people you and i are considered expendable we are only useful it so much to the extent that we increase wealth of the wealthiest people and once we don't do that anymore we should guy but what's happened marie is that a a rural america middle america has become a sacrifice zone and the the the republicans.

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