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It's weird that she died but I know that she's option option for people who obviously were forged in the fires of knowing these things right. Here's the diner stand the appeal of knowing it because it's fun because then you feel like you are on the inside right. You have inside information or it's kind of like I can see the strings of the puppets you know likely but I like was obsessed trying to figure stuff out because I wanted to be making this stuff and David was obsessed with trying to figure this stuff out because he wanted to like be critically like analyzing the stugotz yeah and it's weird that like people who are or like you know. I like I'm trying to think of any job and then I'm getting caught in the web of being like we'll any job I say now sound backhanded you know but like someone who was like an arranged surgeon grain surge world's greatest brain surgery world's greatest brain surgeon also being like well. They're feeling sevens sevens off in this movie because I heard he's fulfilled. Its movie contract right. That's weird that he feels like he needs to know that it is the brain. Carson was a brain surgeon who was good at his job. He was incredibly really good really good at it. The Cuba gooding junior played junior to plan. I think we can only inspire me as ocoee. I would say to this generation this relevant. Do you know what he would say absolutely need to talk to like get a job in scrubs force. That's that'll build your care. I just think it's fascinating passing the trek and spirited away the movie that we're talking about today. Come out in the same year. Spirit away is releasing a year later both two thousand one but in America it wins the second ever best animated Oscar Trek when I and when when best emitted like feature was established people were like this is the Pixar Category A category like movies Senate Commerce right they will surely dominate right and in fact the first two years it's dreamworks the First Year Shrek Beats Monsters Inc.. I think because Monsters Inc magazine is like oh well. That's like a soft. Pixar movie and Shrek is here to terrible. Monsters INC is like a pleasant but obviously a very light. It's not a serious this film right and now like Monsters Inc is like a paragon of storytelling and Shrek. No one likes like even the kids who grew up with trek now just make trick. Dank names. Yeah I mean it doesn't help Shrek. Shrek has not aged well. I don't drink his aged very bad. I don't think there are like herons showing their kids track. Belle of the ball yeah no large into a Pumpkin. That sounds like a joke. Shrek would make really is even through osmosis been influenced by Shrek. Am I incorrect in thinking that in track they turn an onion into a carriage and sounds right. I think there was some joke about onions. Jeans and a lot of jobs are like flares right. This is a podcast of course about tomography directors have massive accessory on their career. Give blind checks crazy passion products what our producer is tilting his head back and looking at the ceiling as if to say what am I doing here. It's called blank. Check Griffin David Griffin. I'm David sometimes they'll check. Sometimes bounce baby is amazing on the phones. A high of me is arkie. It's called Housman pod castle. That's right and our guests today. A returning guest longtime aspirational returning gassed Davies Hi thanks for having me back excited to be here now. We wanted you on the show when we started the show and you said I'll come on. If you talk about a I and it was one of the reasons we decided to delay period Spielberg because we can get on the show and then very shortly after that we'd like we'd love to have you back and you're like I'd come on the talk about Miami Vice or spirited away and it's one of the reasons we did. Michael Man is hockey back to back back. 'cause we were like we'll get them on one of them here. I am here. You are wait. You don't seem excited. I'm bummed about the Miami Vice One man. I was so amped can't let it go already yelled at you at Dinner Party about it and you've yelled at me multiple anyway. You're you're. You're on my what I brought my special. Oh folder he's got. He's got a photo. You're here to talk about. What might be the best movie ever made well. I'm so excited to hear you say that. I got a little goosebumps on my arm because I'm every time I watch it. I'm like really and kind of like well I mean. I don't know that you could do something better than this. I'm sure you don't agree with me completely. I was GONNA. Yes Oh. I saw this groupings. More of a neophyte to Muzak is sorta arc of this is my exposure therapy this this mini series I even told her when I was a child didn't get it and didn't try to engage with the other music movies and then when this came out in the states it was such a big sensation that was like goddess and that was was also an Oscar Junkie at that point that unified David knives that we were thirteen year old Oscar industry insiders reading entertainment weekly magazine complaining about the show for me as ocoee latest Litas Tadpole. We look we were real insiders. We hate the fact that everyone is an insider. Now I know God. Everyone's trying to tell me. How Oscar would it be Star Wars Guy Saying I've been I've been in this trust in my ass stars in five years yeah but sought saw this when it came out uh states the dubbed version and went yeah. I totally don't get this. I was fourteen at the time maybe thirteen and I really yeah okay thirteen hundred title to yeah I was thirteen and I was like don't don't get this and just don't get it in a bad way. I guess you're saying Yeah I was like I don't understand. The people are connecting to now like I don't understand that it's a wonderful. I feel over owned. No I was like I don't understand what the thing is right yeah and clearly. I'm in the minority orgy of the same. I mean I saw it as a full adult and I also but well we'll get. We'll get into right but so this may Sir I wanna I wanNA watch all of these and see if I can create this yeah and it's all sort of been building up to this one being like. Can I revisit this movie for the first time in almost was twenty years right and make sense of it so you haven't seen it since you saw it in. Ot Wow yeah okay and saw dubbed and I've watched it some yeah and I I was watching. I was like this is kind of just a completely undeniably powerful object yeah like I was kind of stunned that there was ever for a time where I wasn't connecting with it like even if this isn't my favorite movie and I wouldn't put it on my personal top ten grace films of all. I was like watching I I was like this is like the Sistine Chapel or something. This is like some undeniable accomplishment. Humanity fully came to the thing is is now the time taken up okay. He's opened the folder. He has in a clipping a yellow financial missile salmon-colored always been this color so he's got a piece of newspaper reason that I really wanted to do spirited away because it it is I think undeniably the work of a total genius even if it's someone inaccessible for cultural reasons psychological reasons or whatever I agree fully but for me I think the thing thing that I've thought about almost as much as I thought about spirited away is a review spirited away that I read and then clipped as you can see from the Financial Times the September September two thousand and three and by the way when we were recording are episode. You invoked this I did did you. I don't remember Mike but it was either before said. Do you guys remember that review so this is stuck back. Here's some context when spirited away came out I was at the time of political cartoonist and I had all these file folders where would keep track of like Afghan atrocities Iraqi on address just like all these horrible file folders depressing to look at and then I had this other file file folder. I just called great writing and there's just stuff in here that I really enjoyed like this is a list of all of Kool Keith's personas. That's cool. Dr Octagon Fly Ricky Rickie the wine taster Mr Berbick. It always just made me happy to have this and then this is This is an academic article written by my Godfather called treatment of hernia in the later Middle Ages surgical correction and social construction. My Godfather is a historian of medicine is very intense article about how they performed Hernias and thirteen hundred then I have this invoice for these incredibly dangerous magnets that I bought that almost tore my marriage apart but the like through magnet forth like physically arrows magnets called gals boy super super magnets they were these magazines were so powerful they were dangerous. I could not believe I was legally allowed to order these magnets because I mean they could go through through. You had to keep them away credit cards and pacemakers. There were so powerful on one time I was trying to. I was doing what you're not supposed to like. Similar later and yeah right right around and part of the magnet flew a shard of the magnet flew across the kitchen and almost took out my ex-wife's I anyway how can I do you mind. I won't say it on. Can I look at the invoice. I'm curious. You're saying that you shouldn't have been able to buy these. I'm curious. Wow that is cheap right. Can I say that is I want and you got a discount. You gotTA break price brake disc wow. I can't believe something this dangerous could cost the little money right. Okay so maybe even two thousand two or whatever yeah we will not say down there. It was a nice down there. It was a time of transition endowed. GonNa say a time of transition is really cheap to live down there back then I will say I'll probably never live in his nice and apartment as they lived down there. I will say too. I mean David had primed me with live down there. I was not expecting this far down and say how far down was pretty far down. Live down there. Dan General Urban Urban Living Down There Okay Anyway Financial Times spirited away review. The author is Nigel Andrews. Who I think is still the finding in fact believe you're right. He is because I have since been in touch with him anticipation of this podcast seventy two years old old he's he's sort of emeritus yeah totally totally so. I I love this review. Not GonNa read the entire of you but you're gonNA have to indulge. Let me let me read certain sections of the and the first thing I noticed I can't remember if I read this review before or after I saw spirited away but the day you frequent reader of the Financial Times was just I was a political cartoonist. I was a subscriber I subscribe to the Financial Times and the New York Times in one hundred million policy journals right and I liked Nigel Andrews reviews like reviewed allow international movies and stuff announced great credit so the thing to know about this review is that Nigel Andrews Grades Movies on a star system one through five stars and the first thing that I noticed about this review was it's six stars. He broke his own star system so when I first picked it up I was like printing early six stars. Mr Our interest only goes to five stars. I sense of review. Yes that's right six stars so he's like. I know get Freddie. gets me so fucking amp. That's listen to this. This is when it's like yeah. Oh Shit uh-huh oh shit somebody like the movie Miodrag Really Yes. That's right six stars exception exception must be made for the exceptional spirited away is a feast of wonderment a movie classic and Ajoy that will enrich your existence until you the two were spirited away rush now while life lasts it is pretty crazy to say not only the great movie that you should see but this might be a thing you remember until you die you will oh yeah but but more importantly you do not want to risk dying before you see this film totally really do not leave exactly exactly where death is inevitable seeing spirited away so. I can't imagine anyone who's like see. Shrek now while life. You know what I mean spirited away. This is part of the core curriculum. y'All you might get hit by a bus. Yeah I think yeah here's the here's CC. I think this is the this is the core of the entire review..

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