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If they go down to nothing, But I mean, 111 would be an absolute, you know, huge wind scenario for Milwaukee coming back to Pfizer form. They've played very well at home in these playoffs. They did lose one game against Atlanta. But other than that, they've been. They've been very, very good in there, you know, and they're from McAllen finds and and again every day is a day closer, to be honest, Janice's meaning feeling better being closer to full strength health so that the longer they can you know the longer they can stay alive. The better situation for them, of course. Alright. Last thing for you, J. R. These two teams have a lot in common. They came into the NBA in the same year and expansion 1968 69. They both been to only sorry. That's the fact Jack. Two NBA finals in their franchise existence. The Bucks did win one a lifetime ago, 1971. But they did win one. The sons are looking for their first championship. Um they both of that really good, impressive runs to get to this NBA finals. So there's a lot of parallels you can draw one more. The party outside the arena when the team is on the road in both Milwaukee and Phoenix. They have tremendous crowds watching big screen TVs going crazy is spitting in the eye of Covid 19 and just celebrating when their team is on the road. Have you been part of that at all in Milwaukee? Are you on the road covering every single game in this playoff run? Do you know what it's like? Outside the box arena when they are playing on the road and expected to be on mas for these first two games in Phoenix. Yeah, I haven't had a chance to be there this year, but But I was there a couple years ago in the first year Pfizer forum when I went to the To the Eastern Conference finals against Toronto. And, Yeah, they call that area The Dear District, it was built up Explicitly with those visuals in mind. You know where fans are just flocking to the outside of that arena. It's obviously a very new arena in downtown Milwaukee, right next door to to the old one to the Bradley Center and talk about a completely completely different vibe in Milwaukee. There was nothing like this for the Bradley Center. Mind you, the teams at the Bradley Center. He never went to an NBA finals. So you know they've had a couple close calls. But the The Bucks obviously have a lot of down years in the history of chunks of years where they weren't a playoff team or re title contending team. Yeah, this is this is something else and it stretches for for a long way, And there's some businesses around there and big screen TVs. They really built that up thinking this isn't this has some potential and They were very smart to do so. It is an electric atmosphere. It's incredible down there. Um, it's kind of scary with the crowds. I mean, like, that's the point where you know you can't even breathe. There's people everywhere. But but but good for good for the books. I'm figuring out how to how to build that up and make that into something. We saw it in Toronto to during that during that playoff run, you know they have their own. They have their own thing going. It seems to become it's kind of become the norm in the in the NBA and If your season is going to end in the middle of summer like it is this year. I mean, that's that's only going to add to the vibe and head to the end of the excitement around it. It's too bad. The TNT crew wasn't able to come this year like they like they did the year I was there with Ernie Johnson, Charles Barkley Shack and Setting up their stage in that spot that that was a good time, But obviously this is this is a huge time from Milwaukee. Milwaukee just doesn't get this. You know, like 1982 the last time the Brewers the bucks were in A championship series and the Brewers made their one World Series appearance. You know? Like you said, 1971. They want to title 1974 the last time they went to the finals. I mean, we're talking. We're talking 50 years. I mean, nobody around Milwaukee. Nobody in Milwaukee has This experience has had this experience. So this is this is a big big deal for this town, and the party starts in the Dear District tomorrow night Game. One sons versus the Bucks, Jr. Great stuff. Appreciate you coming on board. Have a fun run with the series in your box squad. Yeah, yeah, it's gonna be great. Thanks a lot. We'll talk, maybe talk again. Soon. He done deal Jr. Radcliffe from The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Here with US on CBS Sports Radio Judy Mackin for D A. I'll come back and re stoked the bones. Sorry, Jr. I'm taking the sons. Uh, despite he made a good case for his team and the strengths that they have leaning into this I think it's close. I think it's a six or seven game series, but I'm leaning Phoenix as well. If you ask me, I'm on record already saying I'm taking Phoenix and I don't think I'm going to change my mind over the next hour and 37 minutes into the show. You want to try and change my mind Buck pants. Get on the phone lines 855 to 1 to 4 to 27. Bernie Mac Padilla on CBS portrayed EO Have you wanted to speak a new language, but thought it would be too difficult or take too much time. Then try babble whether you want to learn Spanish for future travel plans friend to connect with extended family or maybe German to land. A new job babble works because it's built around real life. It teaches you everyday practical conversations that you'll actually use. All you need is 15 minutes a day, and you'll be on your way to confidently speaking a new language.

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