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Talk About Mont Parsi two thousand. I didn't talk about a bunch of different places to German libraries. You Know I. Talk About Conroy recorded. Music Library and talk about Chappel International. I talk about any of these things like amphorae music. You know I'm flipping pages here. I didn't talk about a whole bunch of different things because I wanted to get through my forty five minute episode, and just get to the point and I did a lot of reading. Now. Today's episode is going to be a little different. and also the thing is this beautiful is that? I'm in my living room, sitting down doing this and I have all these books in front of me. And I'm just looking because I have to figure out a way to arrange all these books, I have my rap books, two source books to sports and formation books that I have my hip hop books too thick ones I have own. Book. Books whereas basically music nerd Shit. Like total records I have that book had the unusual sounds here I have on catch the beat over there you know dusting grooves? I got, and then you have your your hip hop. Photography books like at the edge of the world on contact high. the hip hop files on Marty Cooper. You just have all these books. I'll have fuck you heroes and fucking heroes. Too I don't have those the Glenn Glenn. Friedman books but like. I someone who obsesses over this stuff and like I have to have all my stuff together. All my like home. Music Industry Books to Kashif Book how to make and sell recordings sound advice. You know, have all those books together. Have all my music history books together. All my graffiti books together at home, another shelf, entirely the F. wmgk of me W J making gave me and I have owned my graphic novels. At all my comic books. Collections. Trade paperbacks all on that shelf. All know shelves. So, it's something obsess over, but. And like another book I have is dislike sending me down rabbit hole. I don't know if you're familiar with it. It's called old moment thirty-seven, one of the most famous moments and competitive gaming history basically leased daigle Perry. This is something that I've talked about online with somebody I expect to be as big of inefficient model of this particular event. Is I am and that's Fawn T-, Fauntleroy Coleman. We've discussed this and I have a book. And it's. About two hundred pages. This is about the same size of the book that I'm currently. Writing off and on now night works does a proxy me. How long I wanted to be about two hundred pages, maybe twenty, hundred, twenty four at the most. But the reason this episode exists because. I told you last week. I want to do an episode? Specifically about nineteen ninety five, and how nineteen eighty five was a crucial year in terms of teen, coming of age films, and also on top of that it was a great year forum. Films that it. Inspired and door were all influential, but in different manners that you would think of. So. Let me just get into right. Explain. Influential films of nineteen thousand five. Some of them are classics, not so some of them I'm pretty sure you've you've never even heard of a thought about, but people that are in the film game or writers, creatives have watched these films if there are certain age especially, because this is when this is the emergence of home. Video stores happened in the eighties and people were getting VCR's after like nineteen, eighty, four, eighty, five, eighty six..

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