Chicago, Cubs, Ben Zobrist discussed on CBS Sports Radio


Day games used to be the regularity of the regulars don't work growing up when they installed lights it did not become as obviously as customary as when there was no lights i mean it used to be exclusively day game so that is no longer the case in chicago with the cubs now they do play night game so it's day games at home that ben zobrist is wearing the black spikes i can understand the adjustment now major league baseball and make the argument to this is that is that if they don't go if they pull back on the rule is that guys might show up and start wearing neon justice right it's off the charts distracting to pitcher the pitcher or distracting we're we're just does not look part and parcel where every everybody's cleats are are completely and utterly different i mean what's special about the all star game is usually guys have special allstar cleats right where whether it be all white whether it be black whether it be beyond whatever it might be there's a little different variety and they allow guys on that game because if back to what it should be which is an exhibition allow guys to be able to express themselves must be young.

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