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Tiny amount that's fine amount but then I was the first step for man but that's a that's a truck that trying to tent that first step into a giant leap that by a fuel supply at B. P. the aviation all of the oil company that commercial development manager is Tom Parsons today there are only ready to commercial produces and that both using waist and rested you oils to make the S. instead of an aviation fuel costs in order to reach that target than a fifty percent reduction in aviation emissions by twenty fifty how many refineries do you think would need to be built taking a very broad assumption for how much capacity that might be Pat Papa say two hundred fifty thousand tons that would mean potentially eight hundred new production facilities required in that time frame and that could be in the range of at least five hundred billion dollars of capital investment which is significant but in the context of what the the overall energy industry invests achievable to take their enough people working in this space to build a hundred blogs today no but over time as the right policies are in place to incentivize those investments than I think absolutely the best there is the potential for us to get at the expense of bi fuel presents a conundrum Adelines refuting in Norway the ones who have to pay for it the solution that Scandinavian Airlines has come up with is to us the customers to chip in my name is slow from the city etcetera have over a sustainability and SAS with I'm hopeful for the possibility to have a big number of customers that wants to buy this product so what you've done is rather than raise the cost of tickets across the board you put a little auction next to choose your seats when your customers checkin giving passengers the option in the hope that a significant number of them will choose to pay the extra that will probably calls it means that you're not having to raise your ticket prices when you pass this on exactly in my position I would love to have it the integrated into the price but I do realize that if we are ten twenty thirty percent more expensive than our competitors that'll be a problem for a possibility but I would also hope that our competitors would have the same ambitions as we have in order to reduce emissions you say you hope they will but you think they will I hope that with and.

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