Senator Mitt Romney, President Trump, Biden discussed on Broncos Country Tonight


Away news Radio Time is 10 30 Senator Mitt Romney is blaming President Trump for the attack on the U. S Capital today, Speaking on the Senate floor, the Utah Republican weighed in on the 2020 presidential election. The truth is that President elect Biden won the election President Trump Lost. I've had that experience myself. It's no fun. Romney received a standing ovation after seeing the best way we can show respect is by telling the American people the truth, he called today's CJ shameful episode in American history. Tragic end to the story of a missing woman from Fort Collins. Today, a woman's body was found in the Pingree Park area. It's believed to be that of 32 year old Christine Cummings. The hiker hadn't been seen since December. 29th. Police say that foul play is not suspected. Our next update is coming up at 11 o'clock. I'm Chad Bauer on K O a news radio 8:50 A.m. and 94 1 FM from Bedford Sports Traffic Center. It's going to be a typical driving them entering the freeway scone zone activities and slow you down in some areas north about 1925. He's found a ramp to I 70 is closed until 5 a.m.. We'll have to use an alternate route to get around l square. There's no problems on I 25 through the text center 60 Lakewood is looking good. You're gonna make a time on 36 between here and Boulder. There's no problems and C 4 70 or 84. 70 and things are looking pretty decent on Pina Boulevard out to the airport funds. 31 pinpoint whether, after an overnight low of 22, you can expect the high tomorrow 48 with tomorrow night's low about 22. Adult become cloudy on Friday with a high of 42. Currently it's 30. I'm Gary, Ongoing King Away News Radio live everywhere on the I Heart radio app..

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