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NEVINS and I can't wait to bring you this conversation. We're talking today with with author and journalist and she's been a nurse for over thirty years But I can't wait to talk about our books. We're talking with Jill Bentham Jill. Welcome to halfway there. Thank you this is a real privilege of enjoyed. Listening to some of your podcasts. Eric and I love the way that you draw people out. Oh thank you well. That is really nice of you to say. I think it's it's been one of the great things that I've learned how to do. And it's for me. It's one of those things. I learned how how to do in a call center where was miserable so I like to remind both myself and others that sometimes God's using even the things you don't think okay well and I'm sure we'll talk about some of that so let's tell us a little bit about who you are mentioned just a brief overview but tell Hillis got has right now yeah. I am a northerner primarily from England and I have have been brought up as a Christian. I was taken to church. Apparently six weeks old as with so many teenagers who have been brought to pin church. I was bored with that and started to express desires toward God and I believe he was. Is there The if you're real will you show yourself to me. So that's really when things came alive for me. I had to quieter traditional methodist upbringing upbringing. Look for Heaven's kind strict The way they express their lowest to bring my sister and I up in a home provided for us and gave us great experiences and education We didn't always necessarily feel that. Not Low Probably just a hangover from their bringing rarely that they weren't very expressive. But I certainly had Rich Childhood and that took me towards a desire and I think because I was sensitive child to work with people an early experience in hospital as a five-year-old may have been formative in deciding that I became a nurse which I did stick to right the way through my childhood little bit of a toss. Oh with my artistic nations really did seriously consider doing an art. Find out degrading. My Art teacher was fairly disappointed that I didn't pursue that so so there's been a threat of straighted artists in there. Ever since and to some extent I never really fitted into nursing a sing. I think that that it does Reward people who are very detail orientated and task orientated. And I was much more visionary and sensitive I was much more interested in the relational side of nursing Nicole side so I file myself in the domain of Palliative care which is definitely quite different print to most of the rest of my experience with nursing and those give people call a wonderful control over their destiny the as patients it does really respect rights to choose where they want to be how they are managed and what priorities. They have in terms of symptom. Control Pain Right. How they spend their time because pellet of care is is what that's like not hospice but before that rain while it is isn't it does include hospital and participate in it entails symptom management Support Care Family support support and it does also include the end of Life Gotcha. I'm bereavement secaucus. Well quite challenging. But I always felt how far more challenging to do well in a busy acute ward so I gravitated toward the hospice environment as it was much more settled to do that. Uh more relational sounds like yeah absolutely interested at one of the hospices I worked in. We never wore uniforms. I looked that you you were obliged to introduce yourself and explain who we were what you were there four and put you on a level playing field with the patient. The power dynamics in healthcare that I was very uncomfortable with ovarian interesting. So I WANNA go back to your childhood a little bit because you said you had a of methodist upbringing and so for most of my audience who's going to be in the United States. That's GonNa be maybe different than we've than we've heard before so I'd love for you just to unpack with that means a little bit. Well it did have its roots in a spiritual awakening in its founder John. Wesley felt that he was awaken by the Holy Spirit. But like so many denominations Along the way in through time things become more and more former rigid but messes prided themselves on stripping away all the All powerful failure that we do see some times in the church. England the aesthetics stained glass The high altar everything was washed ordinary benches pews and playing hymnbook's ordinary. Everything was stripped down and that was quite boring for a youngster. Right right yeah which is a really interesting because we deal with a lot of that over here as well. Right the just the Protestant like we don't have any liturgy we don't have vigny very low church and yeah I can see I can see the value of simplicity and a now that this definitely definitely a move back towards that in the contemplative type Christiana take that's reemerging But I honestly didn't really understand the Gospel as a child. Despite having been to church nearly every Sunday my life too much of it had been more two down two points poems. uh-huh and illustrations. I was annoyed. I was frustrated. I felt why don't I understand the Bible. Why don't I know it well inside hideout I don't feel as though I'm being fed here I didn't have that language but that's the way I was feeling? Yeah which is interesting were you. Were you a kid who was like always aware of that or was it. Just as a child I enjoy Dole. AM children orientated activities in the school google play orientated learning but really fairly soon into my early teens. I was really quite restless. With the whole thing was I was quite king to leave and If I hadn't really gone university found true life I think the eldest struggle but there were three years between being fifteen and eighteen so I became a Christian as a result of a campaign or a an outreach from a message Bible College team that visited our area the penny dropped wonderfully but then there were three years very self-directed still slow to self study. And as a as a natural academic I I managed that but it was only really going to universe in learning about what real fellowship was and who the Holy Spirit is started to wake up. It was the penny dropped. What does that mean? We're we're like what happened tells US story exactly. The wording was something around the fact that you in this room. Some of you have a hole in your life you might be trying to fill that with this will sound came. Came to you today but you might be feeling that with desire for a motorbike or fashion. You know we've we've gone a bit further down the slippery slope these days but that was the essence of it and and so you have this whole and it's got shape tall and only God can fill it and I just understood for the first time that he was the only one that was going to give them that satisfaction. And there's a very serious studious an introvert. I needed that intimacy. I really needed. That's that anchor a relationship with God and I didn't feel necessarily as involved with my parents I would have liked to bain. Didn't see see the relationship. Some of my peers had with their father and so that was really a turning point. I knew what she was to be loved. I understood stood at third for the first time what she wants to be loved. Wow that's awesome so then you said you started studying so were you just kind of on your own where you really just stirlingshire. What was that like? How does what you probably have to America with Bible camps annual things like that? Okay a monthly use meeting but inbetween inbetween. All I've survived on things like use devotional and Reading my Bible Parole I could possibly manage as someone without any of the guidance. reidents really that you can tap into so easily these days but I am a natural Students so God is Gracious. He get he gave me. He gave me learning then He. He set a foundation to for me to set my face to learn to understand truth. And I've always the word of God that Edison's thought Tyne Yeah interesting. So that's very Sounds like that's where. Oh you're sort of scriptural foundation came from when you took this natural for study and Kinda dug in. Yeah and one of the really foundational rounded Studies I did a year in The Bible in one year by 'EM Selwyn Hughes. Oh cool and he. He'd broken up the whole all of the Bible into Booklets two-month booklets. That took us through everything in what was felt to be chronological order in which it it was written that really was a spellbinding and it will layer things from the old and the new and the inspirational scriptures every day as well it was really excellent. Very cool right understanding and who is who right right. Yeah so it's interesting. At times I've been a critic of Reading the Bible in a whole year but there's times in your life when it is really valuable. There's a time in your development when getting the big picture is really important for me. I have to have the big picture. A don't learn easily lutely when I've only had little pieces and connected and I haven't had the help to link those together. So once I had the overview allies I was really away with I was just flying. Yeah that's fantastic. Okay so you go to school and you said that you experienced really community either for the first time. What was that like? How did that shape you? Well the There was a Christian Union and when I attended my university in a city not called whole they were probably two hundred two fifty strong at the time that group and there was some very big giant Ryan spiritual. I would say looking back. Who will streets ahead of me in terms of spiritual experience and power in in their lives and expectation and belief in garden and practiced their faith? They they prayed for one another. They laid hands on one another. You know we saw healings. We reached our friends are appears L- evangelism was merely major thrust and if my my third year at university I was Michigan Secretary which was something that was only done about every four years so it was a cycle that had I had the privilege to be involved in outreach and handling a big campaign on scale was quite a big thick from someone at twenty one years old toy yeah so privileged to serve God in many ways and my hunger for him I would say rather than the quality of my life style was the big thing that probably pointed me out to anybody. How did that manifest itself the hunger.

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