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They actually go to deep with guys. Who could be a rotation for any team in the league. And while like yeah like who's gonna pop on this team. Answer the question by the way as kennel. Johnson we can get back to that But like i think this is the type of team that will get overlooked. End up like right back where they were last year. Like ten eleven while the wolves are like what happened we have daniel russell and he scored thirty points again and actually he has like thirty turnovers game to me. Like i had the spurs. I kinda messed up my ranking because over the raptors like this was just obviously just blatant mistake. The reason why look. They're going to play hard every single regular season game. They're going to dwell coach right and it's not like just basically rockets level talent like they have competent. Nba level rotational. Guys all up and down the roster is just. There's no pop here. There's no sizzle anywhere. You can't identify any sizzle here. So like unless the at various about the explain. Why kendall johnson kelder. Excuse me kelvin. Johnson is about to take over the world they bring forbes back. I mean what are we. I think it's a pretty good sign. If pop is literally baby. Birding him team. Usa spot and like a career by like just empowering him to be a guy not only team usa but on the spurs like listen. There's there's going to be opportunities there. I thought he did reasonably well last year. Trying to fill the gaps in between dhamar d'amato roseanne etc. But like you know he's going to have a chance to be the guy and i think he does that. Here's the but just briefly. The case for the spurs also like they don't need just one guy to be an all star if all these young guys just take a half step forward that amount of overall progress is probably enough to round out a pretty good team. That's all they need to be. I get it and you don't need to pitch me on the kelvin johnson hive. I'm already here. Let's say there's you know spurs were reasonably successful. Not awful season for two reasons. Justin you hit. One of their defense was was pretty. Okay they played a really conservative defense. Yaacob purtill was a big part of that. He was actually really good. Just kind of defending the rim. The other reasons they didn't turn the ball over basically at all and now to me was the durose in effect. And that's where. I get a little bit nervous because you know dhamar has a long track record of his teams playing better when he's not on the court but the one thing he does for you. Is he insulates. Your lesser creators from having to do too much and all of a sudden devante murray derek. Whyte when he's healthy lani walker. These guys going to have a lot of ball handling to do patty. Mills has gone to. There's a lot of responsibility in a way. They didn't and i think this offense could get pretty sloppy pretty quickly if if they're not just totally on top of it. I don't know if there's just a lot here. And it would surprise me. If this team was just a complete abject failure like daddy is young as just hanging out on the second unit right now and maybe trade him and get something for him but on the other hand like maybe he just rounds out a pretty interesting small ball thing. I think. I think rob if the darkest time lying happens like you lay it out. The mid have like a colossal failure and hand. You have to restart everything. I think probably more likely that some of them.

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