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Fourteenth Providence journal's mark Reynolds says summer's coming to our small state that has always leaned very heavily on its ability to welcome visitors from other states especially during the peak season and it's right around the bend but right now all out of state visitors must immediately quarantine themselves for fourteen days which is a lot of time on the front end of a vacation to the ocean state so what's going to happen during the summer of this covert nineteen pandemic governor Gina Raimondo said yesterday the visitors may have to be tested to avoid a quarantine but she said that that wasn't the only possibility so enter afternoon news conference yesterday the governor took a deep breath when she was asked if she foresees any scenario in which the fourteen day quarantine requirement continues through the summer she said I don't think so she said I hesitate because I don't know I don't know what July is going to look like nobody does quite frankly I mean you know this you got a crystal ball I guess one option that the governor raised more than once on Wednesday the possibility of testing tourists for corona virus so the question becomes can we do that do we have the capacity to do that and how to we administer it she said we're looking at it from under suggesting that such an approach would involve working with the hospitality industry and testing would indeed be encouraged crazy times you know on March first that's for sure seven thirty eight and you know with the Supreme Court of the United States is in business and they're doing things with teleconferencing and so is the run island Supreme Court too and they're hearing some arguments remotely as we hear from Jarrod Pelletier and NBC ten instead of all rise it's more like can you hear me good morning to counsel and welcome to the Rhode Island Supreme Court the virtual version the first time in the history of Rhode Island Supreme Court justices heard oral arguments in cases with the use of remote technology people could listen in live on YouTube this is truly a historic occasion.

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