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You ride as you travel in Connecticut on the Connecticut turnpike. Northbound two nine at Stanford a project blocking at least one lane our next traffic update. Less than ten minutes on WCBS. Here's smitty Araj est Mike Klis, Seaney, cloudy and damp with areas of rain, drizzle and fog early this morning. Temperatures nearly steady in central park in the lower sixties overnight. Later today becoming mostly sunny, unless humid, high seventy nine mainly clear and comfortable Friday night, low sixty two. Mostly sunny pleasant Saturday, high seventy seven Sunday, variably cloudy with some showers and thunderstorms around high seventy five breezy and cooler on Monday with mixed clouds and sunshine. High sixty nine Tuesday, sunny department cloudy, high seventy and we have sixty five degrees and damp in the Bronx Fifty-nine in White Plains. It's sixty five degrees in central park with some fog at twelve forty you Hampshire is the latest state to repeal its death penalty after the state Senate mustered enough votes to override Governor Chris soon, sununu veto, the repeal takes effect immediately last week, the house narrowly voted to override the governor's Fito Hampshire's death penalty applied in only seven scenarios the state hasn't executed anyone since nineteen thirty nine and there's only one inmate on death row. But the repeal does not apply. Retroactively to Michael Addison who killed Manchester police officer. Michael Briggs in two thousand six but capital, punishment supporters argue courts, might interpret it differently sununu, vetoed. The Bill last month at a community Saturday in honor of Briggs hit is twelve forty one. Hey, Dr drew here and I knew Trish is important. Part of health. There's all kinds of fans out there will now we have an ability to personalize our eating based on our DNA on here without your Sherry, Zhang, the founder of Gino,.

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