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What a magazine that i regard go halftime reported as the chargers leading the cowboys threenothing on this thanksgiving day great to have you with us and we made measure would take a look at some of the stats because this game is about as lopsided as you will see statistically again just threenothing and there is a reason for that it could be at least six nothing due to the injury of nick novak we'll get to that in just a moment but threenothing your score at the half when i mention the statistics listen to some of these numbers and it's more than just the numbers and totality listen to the average is so dak prescott in the first is nine of ten if i stop the right there you would say that's fantastic the problem is he's nine of 10 for just forty six yards not even five yards per poor completion and when you look at i guess just a little above that he's been sacked a couple of times there's just nothing going on offensively for the cowboys on the flip side philip rivers as fifteen of nineteen for two hundred nineteen yards and he's got a a passer quarterback rating of one fourteen the chargers have dominated this game statistically but again just don't have enough to show for neither team really running the ball with too much consistency although rod smith has had a couple of decent runs he's got five carries for twenty six yards alfred morris who i really thought on sunday the cowboys got away from him way too soon he had five carries rue21 not a whole lot after that uh the chargers have not run the ball but that's not what they do they're throwing it canaan alan i mean listen to some of these numbers keenan alan six catches for seventy five yards already hunter henry four catches for seventy three yards already travis benjamin two catches for fifty one yards for the cowboys jason witness five but for just twenty nine yards terrance williams two catches for.

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