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Because the music I listen to back then some of the songs you like you you get them when you're supposed to in life. You know, like, they speak to you. That's the song that's supposed to get to you at that time in your life. Because all listen to assault from ten years ago. It really does nothing to me now except for this. Nostalgia factor. You remember it? Yeah. But I remember that time and what it did to me. And I needed that song. Then you can hear that song. And be like, oh, yeah. This is the frame of mind good on that level. But now you'd be like I would never enjoy. There's some. But there's phases. Like, I was in a transfer a while, I don't think transiting more. Why I don't know. I was I was into like pass sto. No. 'cause I despise the as it's been going on like David Guetta shit. Like, I hated all that. But I was into in search of sunrise, and and like oaken fold and above and beyond and stuff, but I wasn't a club kid or anything. I just liked electronic music like that. I never got into dub step. So this whole Electronica sorta. It's it's I mean, they have electronic I guess it's under that umbrella. But it's more it's classics. You wanna call them electronically? I love class. They were at that summit thing that we did. Did you see them there? I didn't see them that. I saw them on the list. I was like oh fucking class. They play hit me up. They're like when are you going up? We did a stand up show with this thing called summit LA, which is like an alumina d. You have to pay like forty five hundred dollars to weren't there for the whole weekend. I was there for the whole weekend. I didn't know you could I didn't know I was invited to that. I just showed up for the show. It was tremendous. It was introduced to all the vents Albor was doing a talk on global warming. Moderated by Jaden Smith. I went to the was that was ridiculous. This educated, man. If you're Al Gore are you like why am I teamed up? That's exactly what is this in front of all these fucking winners. Yeah. I get why that I'm wanted that my Thakin recycled plan or my environment plan to these people who actually Bill to put it in play. People are heads of businesses can help me get going. I don't know why this fucking twenty year old is talking to in front of them. They give Al Gore's resume, and they go, and of course, Jaden Smith needs. No introduction familiar with his EKO work seminal two thousand seventeen. Happiness. We played his son of his father. Initial clip. All right. Let's get into the on these long rants, and then have to like bring Jaden Smith back into a little bit. It's like a moderate himself. What kind of things do you and your friends, and there was no earth's pretty cool hundred like if it was Nickelodeon thing crowd. I could see why Jaden Smith the teen choice awards. Hey without me. You never listened to outdoor Al Gore was holding a surfboard. It would make sense. Yeah. Yeah. If he got slime he'd be like, okay understand whether together. Yeah. It was cool though. Anyway. So what is where it's always. Why did I bring up the summit thing because with electric music? Oh, yeah. Classic. So they were playing that event. And there were hitting me up to go wins RA going up when's your set? But they were they were DJ -ing some other event at the same time. That's what it was. Yeah. But yeah, whatever that Jonah of music is I don't know what you call it..

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