Jake Tapper, Barack Obama, CNN discussed on Mark Levin


Press It's not the property, of a news outlet Or. A self serving reporter or a self-indulgent host It is about sustaining a constitutional and free Republic twice in the constitution separate and apart from freedom of speech Freedom of the press Is not a megaphone for progressivism And when we we really do not have a free press Or when it is abused misused That is to, advance groupthink or an ideological agenda It's destructive of a constitution and a Republic and liberty It becomes the play thing Have a. Relative few corporations and individuals I'm not claiming to know the perfect manner. In which a free press, should function but I, can tell, you I know enough in you know enough to see how it shouldn't Are weakening our Republic They're weakening our constitution They're threatening our liberties They're making a joke of the entire notion of. Freedom of the press I'll give you another example what Jake. Tapper the Ed McMahon, of the, Steve Colbert show on. The late show also last. Night cut four go here's the bottom. Line the United States was attacked. The United States was attacked by Russia now it wasn't like Pearl Harbor it was a, cyber attack and it was in this information campaign but. We were attacked and. There is this investigation to find out what happened let's stop right there and how much did Jake tapper or CNN Really exposed this and how we were attacked and. The failure of our. Government to fight back during the Obama administration Didn't CNN go ahead and hire one of the Obama administration officials who failed to protect the country Hasn't CNN used as confidential anonymous sources in some. Cases lease without attribution some of the people in the Obama administration, who failed to protect the country is it not an abomination that when. Jake tapper speaks like this he fails to speak at all about those who should be held accountable Says we were attacked a cyber attack well ladies and gentlemen we, were attacked in the last election when Barack Obama was commander in chief He. Ran the defense department. He ran the CIA he ran the national security agency and the national Security. Council, he ran the, department of Justice he ran the FBI he ran the whole kit and caboodle And. Jake tapper and CNN and the others They didn't hold them to account They're propagandists For, this, status progressives the, democrat party Groupthink and one voice that's about freedom, of the press The framers did not put the. First amendment in there to protect Jake, tapper or CNN they put. The first amendment in there the protect you and me so.

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