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Independent in thoughts and punk rock in life. It's the Benson show. Wasn't the reason we're having this argument over socialism capitalism. Is that capitalism has led a lot of people out? I guess what? I'm out there to say is that it doesn't have to be. So I believe in democratic capitalism. But the Democratic Party is extremely important. Not quite sure what that is. I guess we're going to change it. So here's a perfect way to change the narrative of something. That's mayor Pete Buddha JR. Of Sav banned in and mayor P is. Getting away from a word that has super negative connotations. Because the reality is is it's failed everywhere. It's ever been implemented and people don't send me emails. Text messages or tweet at Mason movement coup would vote just don't don't socialism has failed everywhere. Parts of worked in certain areas. But only in certain ways noticed, you know, I mean people when we talk socialists, when I talk socialism that's been as Waylon that is socialist, Cuba. Right. You look you those are Finland Norway Denmark. I'm gonna I'm gonna pass on that. I'm gonna pass your those are free markets -ociety. So what he's trying to do is change the narrative mayor Pete and say, well, it's democratic capitalism's. What we have democratic Kaplan totally different than socialism. Democratic capitalism, assuring this Cold War. There was this assumption.

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