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Next year in another window with a good quarterback because you know getting one now isn't the answer for that team they don't really know what they've got with andrew luck no there's absolutely zero justification to get a quarterback right now for indianapolis you're paying andrew lucked so much money you can't do it you're just use k it's silly you can't do it so clearly they feel like luck is progressing well if had their doctors looking at him for a long long time and always begun the process of the rehabilitation and everything so they must know that he's going to be back next year and they did this and it's all because the run on the quarterbacks is going to happen early and so many good positional players maybe the pass rusher from nc state slips two six i don't think so jobs but if you're in indy right you're you're in a great regardless of where you go and adam schefter tweeted out that former lions tight end eric hebron signing a two year deal with max value of fifteen million with the colts as well so there you go our making moves lumped them rights right absolutely it'll they've they've got jack dole and eric brown and they obviously need more protection for luck and then as we said we add those other pieces and hopefully they get out of the hole that they've been in what's what's if i know your thoughts on angela how certain are you that he's going to be back and be effective why can only go by what chris ballard said at his press conference i think that this move shows you that they're pretty confident he's going to be back on we should make a full recovery from this injury and look when before people forget before he got hurt he was one of the better young quarterbacks in the nfl so i think he's going to be just fine for indie.

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