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You have a ring doorbell you could help find a missing Glendale girl ring has partnered with the national center for missing and exploited children to help post pictures and information of missing kids fifteen year old deletion of our of Glendale is the first child posted on the rings neighbors app she disappeared in September Alicia's mother Jessica known yes tells KTAR this gives her hope I always wanted a coverage outside others owner so I think that is a great opportunity to have my daughter image out there locate my daughter the apple show missing children posters directly in the neighbor's app so users within a three point five mile radius from where the child was last seen can report any information they may have may lay I lay on KTAR news thirty eight year old Phoenix man behind bars this morning facing charges that could link him to the disappearance of his grandfather early Friday morning detective served a search warrant at a home near twenty eighth Avenue and Dunlap they were following up on the disappearance of eighty three year old I doubt Albert Alber went missing this past August Albert's grandson Joshua ward told investigators he did not know were Albert disappear to in the meantime detectives were able to develop probable cause Joshua ward either abandoned or conceal that that body which is again a lot of factors the felony in the state of Arizona during their search remains of the human body were found in a shallow grave in wards backyard and happening right now Phoenix police is on the scene of a serious crash between a vehicle and the light rail your first Avenue in Washington St Phoenix police have confirmed to our partners at ABC fifteen that one person has died as a result and now for a check on traffic here's my Daniels live in the valley Chevy dealers traffic center good morning give as you mentioned void area Washington street and First Avenue The Washington is a one way westbound street it's close as police investigate this fatal crash involving a light rail you know just for the area take central ever northbound Adams mineral or even then we aren't or you can go west back.

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