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Today, how white nationalist groups that were allowed to operate on facebook launched a campaign of hate against Guardian Journalist Julia Carrie one. Before, we start this episode. I just want to warn you that it does begin with distressing personal account. Went home last November to visit my family for Thanksgiving McGregor, one hundred and five years old, and she was starting to really decline in her health. We knew that it was the last Thanksgiving that we were gonNA have with her and my family always cooks. This kind of traditional Chinese American stuffing I and my sister-in-law, both picks the the sausage out the sticky rice because we eat sausage, I just have this vivid memory of her kind of. Reaching across to take the sausage herself, and saying what you don't know how to live and thinking to myself that nobody could ever say her that she didn't know how to live. The other really strong memories that I have from that Thanksgiving though a moment when I had kind of gone into the kitchen, my phone was in there and I looked down and I had an had a new email. And I it up in. It was a horrifying racist slur filled rape threat. I don't remember precisely what but I do remember that there was the expressing a desire, not just to rape me, but also I think took cut me up into pieces and kill me and I remember just kind of like dropping. Dropping my phone and kind of you looking away like realizing that I just had to not say anything that I had to pretend that nothing had happened because this was the last Thanksgiving that we were going to spend with. My my Popa my grandmother. and. I didn't want us to spend it talking about the the Nazis that at the time were were trying to scare me. It's really harrowing to hear about that message that my colleague. Julia Carrie Wong was forced to read during a family dinner and even more distressing when you find out that it was one of dozens of hateful messages sent to her. Happened after Julia reported on her attempt to get white, nationalist organizations removed from facebook. What happened next was weeks of racist and sexist harassment by supporters of those groups. From, The Guardian I'm initiative Astana. Today focus. Becoming the target of a campaign.

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