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More saving. More doing. Give very or it's immigrants AJ sooner rather than later, all of us bra all. He got me like all wondering, what's this new news? Like yo just wait. And I'm like, just give me as I'm like, brother, today's the show you do know that. Now, let me announce it. I will come on the show. He's is today is to mom governed by. Impale. That's my man. I'm trying to lie. Get this knockout and on me go to Africa compared to. To go to Africa. Brazil Africa, zero. Now the reason why we are here, top number three are then put it on my ads anywhere. There was an article on boxing, saying that came across said damn, why does bring us for morning topic. Did this been a good debate, but could ask them fire going back? The article if dated, I haven't pulled up it written by Lyle Fitz. Simons space call for is only what the white 'bout worth waiting for in how he started off. I'm gonna just give you the first funding last. I check I'm waiting for pack out, Thurman. Yeah. Yeah. You brought it up. It's a worth name generation, what the weight proposition and no inspired a recent press conference chatter, the principles are not named neither Manny nor Keith stay to unbeaten studs at the peaks of their ability, leading gem was I'm being, and eighty one when Ray Leonard mid Thomas Hearns, what about in nineteen ninety. Now, when Felix Trinidad met, the fucking Occidental Hoyer, or even when a Koto Koto of guys named the what the wait. Let me see. Let me see what was it got name code. Oh photo. Michigan me out fuck you, you know, by meeting of they don't qualify. Antonio Margarito thousand eight I wanna say he what the writers trying to say is that there's people that we look at what? What, what the vision as being those super talented super kind of kind of a habit is Aeros banks intense Crawford in reading the story. It just seems like he's trying to fat for two. They're keeping Manny. We still got a Danny Garcia out there. We shall Puerta out there. The thumbnail my. That's my argument. And yet, pretty that's good argument. Yes. And then pretty much what you're saying, like the business of boxing, is it happening this big. They were having been like that, man. Gotta wait it ain't the time yet. Why would you do Earl Crawford win AJ? Wow. The still marinade your. I don't even he was saying, do it. I think he's saying that's what everything is like building up to and leaning towards like lenient into he feels like Beth fight is going to be like the Hearns and lynyrd or, or the Oscar in Trinidad. You know what I'm saying feels like they went the way fight is going to be one that goes down and the books that we look back twenty years from now and say, man, you around when you see airless do that trilogy. Or do their to fight deal. Whatever that shit was. Physical. And that's what he was trying to get to. He was saying that we need. We need our what the way fight of the century, we, we have pack may whether he put that in the story, but it happened too late by the guys at the. You can't peg this the fight of the century for the for the world's away division yet. Because it ain't pan out yet, and he just by looking at all he's doing. He's taken the general consensus of most fans and most boxing pundits. And he, he pointed out there to what the way and the rain magazine top ten pound writings number two. Number six Earls bands. He went on to say they're a reason why there's only two ways mentioned in the power rankings. Yeah, it was his reason. They're the they're the two best end of the visit craziest house because Thurman coming off injury. Thurman was pound for pound when a unified, he better have been they go have Mikey up there, and he never unify all. He did was winning multiple divisions pampa pounds..

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