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Swing it bill. I love the title of Your podcast. How we win because you know as we keep talking about. We're sway wanted to have you now. It's such a perfect time with all this infighting you know you're having the level of guest gastrointestinal distress that I'm having primary but Yes but that's that's critical win. The word went how we win gives people the tools in his brazen to get involved Gives LISTENERS THE TOOLS. They need to make an immediate difference. That's what I love is that you're you're entertaining but you're obviously telling people not just where we are and we're in fucking crisis and this is a crisis in democracy but here's what we do about right. It's like wait till Manno keep saying it's not enough to just say here's where we are. What do we do and so? That's what it sounds like you guys are talking about and to Travis's point like being assaulted by grandparents is. You're so sweet you see face to face contact. Saving Democracy robot from Kevin McCarthy's district. She's so much happier now. We win when we go out and talk to voters face to face like that. It's a pretty simple idea. But it's hard to. It's hard to do. People are scared to do it with us and our and our show like you know. There's a million political podcasts out. There you know we're not the news. Were what you can do about. We thought we were the only one is that. I haven't. I've only listened to yours but I've heard this other. Yeah I the only one that matters right so So we really do want to be constructive and give people great things to do every week. because Just like we saw in the midterms love. This dog is just like we saw in the midterms with this incredible amount of volunteer energy. The helped us flip the House of Representatives. That's what we need in this election. It's not it's really not enough for your listeners. To just show up and vote. We need people to volunteer to. We need them to get five of their friends to come. Vote with them. Yeah I love how you describe you say two thousand sixteen changed us. We woke up. We're fighting back in two thousand eighteen. We've talked about the house in a massive blue wave but that was just the beginning now. We're looking ahead to how we transform our government in twenty twenty And so You obviously had a great guest list not just politicians celebrities political insiders. You've had a lot of our beloved Senator Boxer Cecile Richards on Saint People. We've had on a Senator Chris. Murphy Billy eichner Fantastic Christine Pelosi Representative Karen Bass. Who How many interviews have we done with her? We always hang up and say that's terrific great bass that's great. That's GONNA listen. I'll think okay. That's great terrific Bass Matic what. Who's been your favorite and you know who inspires you. Oh that's a tough question I I can't commit to a favorite but my favorite moment is when people talk about going out to to knock on doors and the Hump. They got over to do it right. And we've had some people who are pretty recognizable so it's always fun to hear Bali what it's like to knock on the door and a voter opens up the door and like Catherine on there or somebody like that. And how does that interaction goes? We've had a my my good friend. But Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda on this podcast and they talk about when they go together. Can you imagine knock knock high? They did Grace and Franky degree video for swing left last cycle to they've been yeah awesome supporters. We've talked about. Inspirations right through James Eighty two I. Joe lillies what eighty or something? And they're out there man or getting arrested. I keep I keep emailing lilly stop it. I don't have bail money. Talk Radio Stop. Getting arrested that fucking troublemaker. Fund that yeah but no we. We love hearing people's experiences and they're always so relatable and like I said it can be intimidating for people to get involved in volunteering this work but Hearing somebody else's experience I think it's always helpful steven my being. I'm kind of I'm happy crappy liberal but I believe in a blue Nami. I believe that we cannot just have a blue way. We have to have a blue sue. Nami and I know right now. It seems like Oh Holy Shit. All this infighting right. And and you know the repeating twenty-six mistakes are you hopeful. How are you yeah? I'm really hopeful. Actually and not hopeful Enough that I'm going to stop working every day and make sure that we get everyone involved in this work And also like it's happy hour right. I'm happy happy to but there's some serious scary banana republic stuff going on with our country right now and And the the level of of the lengths to which trump will go to cheat and lie and suppressed the vote and it's not just trump as the Republican party paved the way for trump to begin with. Sorry it's not just trumpets. Trumpism is trump is appointed. That you again. I really apologize. I don't nobody's. We have to stamp out trumpet trump. It really really is never happens again. That this this fucking fascism fascism. Which is how I broke my hand. punching a Nazi right so But seriously you know we can't just look at a place where we're winning like in Maine Right now. Susan Collins is behind by a point which is awesome right can't get comfy with that. We hadn't have overwhelming numbers. Show up like we did in the midterms. So that means Lindsey Graham Jamie Harrison is close McGrath is very close to Mitch McConnell's or not pipedreams. Right they're not and I think also to your to your point about trump Zim. It's this is not an anomaly. It's a symptom of right a problem And we're not going to address it by flipping the house. It's one stop right flipping this and it is the next stop understand. There's more of US LOOK AT MARTHA OUT MC SALLY. Thinking you know the hot shit and she goes on Fox News. Brag how she called a reporter a liberal? Hack down by six seven points now to mark Kelly in Arizona California listeners. Arizona's on us that we must take that Senate seat so if you are anywhere within a distance of Arizona you know go help out those Arizona Democrats because we we need that Senate seat. Yeah Yeah where else are you looking at because what? Here's the thing that again i. I don't like to necessarily talk about. I mean we talk about foreign interference vote suppression. But I don't want people to feel despair. We can't afford that and they don't want people because that's what they're hoping for that. We're going to go it's rigged and they're gonNA steal. Our vote is not going to count and we have to turn out in such numbers to beat that to change all those things right but I still contend a there was a lot of rat fucking like the we we probably won the Senate last time. They made a laser focused on the Native American vote in Heidi heitkamp in North Carolina Laser. Focus on making sure students couldn't vote in Texas and Beta works rates right. No that was rat fucking in the Florida race that Bill Nelson one but they in order. I mean it's just I was saying first of all. We have to not have partisans in charge of elections. Whether it's Brian Kemp or Kathryn Harrison. You know right after this season look back through the years well in Ohio. We can't there are things that we have to change systemically. Don't you think absolutely and you know we got rid of a little rat fucker in North Dakota. Just last week they changed the law exactly They had a law on the books where you had to have a residential address in order to register and vote and of course a lot of native American residents. There live on reservations and use post office. Box don't have residences. They stole this from Heidi Heitkamp. Just clear that that was that a win last week. We have to change that. You can't their laser targeting students that you can vote with a student. Id but you can with a gun idea and a gun licence travis just mom. Fresno test a true story yesterday she called. I my sample ballot missing your regular about. We'll be coming in the mail. She didn't get it. She called me said. Did you move recently? Or you're inactive voting. Your ballot was undeliverable. Just like I've lived in the same house for forty five years. I voted in reelection. There's like there's no reason for this to have for for her ballot. Been struck stuck for some reason and she says she's like it identifies my party on the ballot and it's where she lives out his a rural part of Fresno County that is very conservative and an so check and recheck. Your registration void dot. Org is worse for that. Hang on swing left activism exhausting. Have I aged if I feel like? I'm you know we're fighting. But we're exhausted. We need a little refresher we know the plexiglas under the is exactly what we know. You WanNa look good. If you're going door knocking for your candidate. Thank you for or hitting streets or whatever man. Okay picture your face in the mirror. You see all those wrinkles around your crows feet under eye bags now. Imagine they're gone poof. Like something awful and orange in the Oval Office. Imagine just both gone doesn't feel good. You can be gone so you'll look like this when trump has gone and then you know the problem. We're GONNA smile so much when he's gone and then you're going to be like okay. Okay you you won't believe until you try it. I'm telling you it is like magic you don't have to imagine it. It's just you but ten years younger we are. We're all blown away by the results. We use it every night I do. Flexitime can give you in the mornings. Well right and then just put my makeup right over you even know what happened Man Okay plexiglass gives you the confidence you need. It is clear. No one even knows you're doing it. It's just it's like it's like a magical under. I think bright trick. Yes yes and then you can put in. Pull DUBS and scarves out.

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