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Ryan's okay. An accident. Southwest side Western and 54th and watch foursome CT. A Red line delays Amir Vandeveld mad at Traffic center, reminding you to drive responsibly. It really is a matter of life or death. The coronavirus positivity rate in Illinois is taking up again to 8.6%. That's the highest highest it's been since mid December. The state reporting today 5059 new cases and 79 additional death in Indiana. There's been a slight decrease in hospitalizations following a serious of spikes. Throughout December, the Indiana State Department of Health Reports. 2836 Hoosiers were hospitalized with Kovar 19 as of Sunday. That's an 18% decrease from the States Hospitalization peak earlier this month. The state agency also added 208 new cases of coronavirus in Indiana schools. So far, 1886 schools have had at least one confirmed case of covert 19. Lauren Lap Good WGN News. The first confirmed case of the more contagious cove in 19 U. K strain is being confirmed in New York State governor Cuomo says the case was confirmed in a man who works in a jewelry store in Saratoga County. The man had not traveled recently suggesting community spread. England will go through another national lockdown this time to fight the new Corona virus mutation. Prime Minister Boris Johnson says leaving home is only acceptable for things like shopping for essential goods online Learning for schools and universities begins tomorrow. More than 30. Chicago Aldermen have written a letter to Mayor Lightfoot in CPS CEO Janice Jackson. They don't think it's safe to reopen in person learning in Chicago public schools Alderman Daniela spotted spoke with WGN's John Williams. We have Uh, proven that the filtration systems can work that the contact tracing is adequate where we can actually do safe and healthy learning from the classroom. CPS special education Preach K teachers returned to the classroom today as the Chicago Teachers union objects to teachers going back to CTU holding a rally this afternoon Republicans in the Illinois House here the upcoming lame duck legislative session will included tax increase. House GOP leader Jim Durkin says Democrats may turn to taxpayers to shore up a big budget deficit caused by the pandemic. Lack of a federal bailout and the failure of the graduated income tax proposal in November. Now, after voters just sent the Democrats in message, Madigan and his cohorts will be trying to sneak a tax increase Yes, sneak a tax increase into the lame duck session. Call your state representative. Now let them know that you're not form or taxes, and they must reject Madigan, a speaker of the next General Assembly. No agenda has been separate. Other topics could include police reform. Former office manager of the Southwest suburban construction company has been charged with fraud for allegedly embezzling more than $2.3 million from the company. Prosecutors say 17 72 year old Mildred Crowley, a bourbon a opened a corporate credit card, and charged the Lamont based company for personal expenses, including travel and payments to a private horse farm. Alleged fraud scheme span from 2009 to 2020 on arraignment date has not been set. WGN SPORTS Here's Kevin Powell. Thank you. Kim. The Bears lost to the Saints and Week eight was the second of a six game losing streak. We'll get another shot at New Orleans on Sunday after backing into the postseason. It'll be a tough test for the Bears Offense of Saints defense forth in the NFL in yards allowed per game, though the Saints could be without star running back Calvin Camaro. He tested positive for covert 19 on Thursday he won't be able to practice this week, Blackhawks held their first on ice practice of training camp Today, a number of familiar faces were not there. Defenseman Brent Seabrook Was that listed as unfit to participate also missing captain Jonathan Tapes, who announced last week that he would be away from the team while he dealt with an unspecified illness. His Patrick Kane on how the teams reacting to recent personnel losses, opportunity for players to establish themselves as NHL players for Guys that have done that to establish themselves as a league players, and we have pretty young team and there's a lot of opportunity here going forward. Blackhawks Open the season a week from Wednesday, March Madness will be played entirely in Indiana's the NC double attempt to create a bubble format for the tournament. Majority. The games will be played in or around Indianapolis COLLEGE hoops tonight. Indiana hosting Maryland Southern Illinois visits Drake and in women's hoops that Wintrust Arena today number 22 Paul Topping Villanova 94 82. I'm Kevin Powell, WGN Sports and now Tom's Skillings forecast from the primacy of Weather Center tonight through Wednesday cloudy, cold, damp and Ross and Hayes and light freezing fog, especially in the night time of morning hours. Also been.

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