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When people start going down in that world. Everybody starts telling on everybody in the my best friend got sent to prison. Best friend, leandersson still my best friend to this day. You know, he got sent to prison to twelve years, and that was a huge huge wakeup call for me. And I started this really think hard ups I was getting older now about twenty twenty seven at this point. I I started to think about like, you know, my future just how much longer I wanted to continue living alive living with that amount of Zion. Stressed that? I wasn't even like like consciously aware that I was living with her so long, and eventually I made a decision to just to change change everything. I I realized that I felt I believed with every cell of my body that I was put on this earth to serve a higher purpose and do something great. But honestly, I had absolutely no idea what it was or how I was going to do it. I wanna talk to a friend of mine who was a. He owned a couple of car dealerships. Somebody is very successful at a young age someday. I looked up to a great deal. And you know, this guy's name is Eric, Catherine. I listen, I came clean. I told him about what I've been doing told him where I was at and told him that basically I was I was scared. I was scared that I was going to end up going backwards and end up being loser. Like, I was when I was a loser that point. But like being, you know, back when I was a kid, man. Like, I I've been in situations where you know, I had a steel dirty clothes out of the lost bound at school. Just so I had new close to where you know. 'cause I was wearing the same dirty sweatpants all the time. And you know, like, I know what that kinda struggle. Feels like I know what it feels like to have other people look down on you, you know, as a result. And that was something that just it was very scary for me to think about going back to being that person being in that situation. So this individual told me that I needed to do two things if I want. To change my life. I wanted to create a better future. There's two things I had to do. He said that I needed to immerse myself and personal development read every book that I could get my hands on that was related to becoming a better human being. And he said that I needed to start hanging around with people who are better than me. And he said it just like that people are more successors people that are better than and I took that on board. I started watching, you know, every video that I could the time young. There wasn't podcast like this available. Social media was what it is. Now under wasn't a as many resources, you know out there. But I I started watching YouTube videos, Tony Robbins, I watched every second of content that he had on YouTube at the time. And I started doing things that you know, Tony said that he did become successful. His kind of thesis is you know, if you wanna be successful model someone who's successful easy enough. And one of the things that I did that you know, he did the to kind of. Get his start starting a better life for himself as going out and giving back in the community. And I started to do that, sir. Going to shelters started just donating my time, you know, serving the homeless doing what I could. And I did that at the time. Not because I was good person. Because I definitely wasn't. I didn't even going into it. I didn't even care about like, I didn't even I didn't care about giving. Bannon care about helping other people I was doing it for no other reason than this guy this person on YouTube, who's obviously, you know of has affected millions of people in created amazing life for himself. He said that that's what she should do. So I I did that and within ten minutes of my first experience giving back in just we were we were serving dinner to some people who less fortunate and domeless within ten minutes of doing that. I felt something that I'd never felt before. And. You know, the twenty seven years of been on the planet to that point..

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