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Manhattan James flip and NBC news radio New York a Vermont lawmaker hopes to Adamo Jeez to state license plates representative Rebecca white has proposed a bill allowing the digital characters on vanity license plates the bill would permit symbols in addition to registration numbers and would not replace any letters or numbers selected by the owner or given by the C. M. V. Brian show can be seen news radio Kobe Bryant the eighteen time all star who won five NBA championships and became one of the greatest basketball players of his generation during a twenty year career all with the Lakers died in a helicopter crash on Sunday he was forty one the crash occurred in the foggy hills above Calabasas California about thirty miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles Bryant was killed there and also reports came in that Bryant's thirteen year old daughter Chiana also died few details of the crash have been released publicly authorities said nine people were on the helicopter and all were presumed dead the basketball world in Los Angeles reacted with an outpouring of pain in disbelief the NBA had a full slate of games on Sunday in teams around the league pay tribute to Brian including many teams exchanging twenty four second shot clock violations in honor of Bryant's number twenty four that's sports on September Monday January twenty seventh here's what's new and podcasts on the I heart radio I heart radio produces.

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