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And see what they are actually using. Using and highlight that yeah, and let the company's no and frankly public about it because you know if it wasn't for groups, like is and for individuals that are during this work. People wouldn't know and again. Businesses aren't interested in acting, so we try to keep this as public as possible because we also want other platforms smaller platforms to be thinking about this as well. We want this to be on their radar in ways that it hasn't been for. Will has been on everyone's radar, but Y-, facebook and Google haven't responded. It's almost a problem that's that's so out of control. You'd have to go all the way back to square one to to start. Taking care of it one thing that really upsets me is to see the enormity of what we're dealing with. There's a journalist Carlos Maza. He is A. He was a journalist box on make explainer videos kind of like explaining current event issues and things like that, and he announced on twitter back in. June saying that ever since he took on this job, he's been bleeding harassed online by a guy on Youtube Steven, crowder and Steven crowder would make these like homophobic racist ethnic. Slurs against him and he would end up being you know seeing a wall of. Harassment hatred on his instagram and twitter profiles like on a daily basis and he he brought attention to this and said you know. Youtube has a acceptable use policy dot should ban the sky from having channel, but instead he's being monetize. He's being amplified by this platform and this thing went viral. It was during pride months. You know and Youtube which had invested I. Don't know how much money and how much effort into. Changing everything to rainbows on all their social media and Sponsoring all these pride events in whatever they were faced with a very very essential problem like a very basic question. Are we going to continue allowing this gay guy to be harassed. Just for being gay like that should be an easy answer right now. Take Down, but they didn't. They couldn't even come up with a and Sir they? They went back on it like twice, and then they came back, and they were facing a ton of PR pressure, and the came back, and he said okay. We're going to keep it up, but we're. We're going to D- monetize it. Okay. We're not GONNA make any money off of Steven. crowder Steven crowder's not gonNA make any money off of you to account We're not making money off video, but it turns out that Steven crowder doesn't make his money on Youtube. He makes the bulk of his money. Selling merch got. March is sold by shot defy. On one of the teachers he was selling was Carlos. Maza is a F- word. T shirt and shop is taking a cut of it. He's taking a cut of it I. Mean Look at this system that's at play. Yeah! Yeah, and that got sure has come down now shop if I won't sell it anymore, so. Today took it down, but if you Google and I did also for my presentation. I discovered a lot just doing research for it. If you Google Carlos Maza t-shirt, you'll have dozens of sellers selling that exact t shirt. Google takes of it. You must have the weirdest search history ideal..

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