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Like i can deal with like the other bodily fluids of the baby i cannot do. I can't. I can't even look. I'm like plugging my ears and closing my eyes. I can't do that one. does it. Make weird just like snot gurgling anyway. That was too vivid. It makes me feel queasy yet. Have another one for the for the opposite end of the baby to work this way but it's work the same way back. I didn't. I didn't pitch that. Well but now. Lauren explain all this to you later. As far as like sickness goes and everything. Babies are miraculous and drew has had colds. But we've been like you'll be fine of a great arguing with dogs. I mean we've had two puppies now. Yeah accidents that are not pleasant at all you can do that and i think that's a good. That's a good reference point. Yeah i think dogs are way nastier in that sense. I also feel like nausea. Like too graphic but everything just you get eased into everything like. It's just a very slow roll out and like once you get used to something. It will get a little crazier and crazier. But it's not like you bird the baby and they're puking and even changing the diaper at the start is pretty mellow like thousand going to be nasty but then it actually doesn't get nasty. What before drew had you changed a diaper. Never neither of us did. You're gonna crush as a dad. You're gonna be a great day. It's awesome lawns. Laura you're going to be amazing mother but you're talking about intuition. If you love your baby everything works out like it works you. Don't i tell all my friends who are getting ready to have and stuff. The same thing you don't have to obsess over the products you don't have to obsess over the nursery or anything. You're going to have your baby. You're going to be holding him. Something's going to happen and you're going to be like i need a bird cloth it's like. Oh let's go buy some clothes or they're they have an upset belly. What can i give them. I mean it just. It happens so naturally that it's all fun grew said we thought about. Have you thought about a push present for lauren. The yeah.

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