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It and turned it down because he said it would have been too distracting to the show i can't remember shall i tell you please matlock he himself said people will look at this and go how come joey this doesn't make sense can i tell you he would have never been as good i don't think he would've and i like matt leblanc love but i think some pretty he he he understands that he's joey and it's debris knows he's been typecast he has a new show and he's just joey joey right people do remember no it wasn't terrible it was okay it wasn't as good as friends but it was okay this one is pretty bad i've watched a few minutes of it and why oh i can't remember but and i don't even know the concept but it was just like joey yeah yeah he plays a similar guy but then he also did a reality show for a couple years where he was playing himself and there was a lot of like joey related material i don't remember that i'm one of the the cable networks supposed to be really good i never got to see it's kind of a tony danza fill to him a little bit yeah yeah a little bit man with a plan man with a plan is that the new one that's the current one and then say the show he had two or three years where he was like a a a slightly goofy version of himself he played him his name was matt leblanc on the show extras or stand ins or something episodes episodes that's it exact man with the plan yeah in the broadway musical that became a movie chicago roxie hart is played by renee zellweger originally though they were going after shirley's thrown she would have been good i always like her you saw lala landrieu yes i loved it i did so the yeah i watched it and you know what actually i didn't make it all the way through my wife did i went back and finish the sad the sad part and then it just got ended for me so there's the thing at the end that happens again i still want to apologize for giving away too much information about the movie yesterday yeah i did i gave up too much pelley i don't want to say anything else but something happens almost at the very end of la la land that is just one of the best things i've ever seen in a movie and that's all i that okay i'm still feeling guilty for yesterday so we'll say anything wasn't that remember that is so good there's something so good remember anything i've ever i still feel bad for giving way too much yesterday for it he did he totally did do you remember the fight we got into with earth cups in at once over the sixth sense you don't remember this when did i work in a q on one in earth cups in it in his column puts the end of success quick spoiler alert if you don't know the end of six cents to tune out for thirty seconds he puts audience are shocked at the end of six cents when dot dot dot dot he puts the ending come on the air the next day going earth cups and it's been a columnist thompson sixteen or three you doing so we called his office i was gonna leave a message on his he picked up really good i don't remember any of that was there yeah what happens i did i you know i'm not a three stooges fan you don't want something in life happens automatically go well this isn't supposed to work this way so cup picks up we called his office we we got the sometimes we've found is so then we dial it up did you did and then hello and i go who's this him you know so then i tell them i go mr cups in in your column you put the end to say yeah so and i go well that's not fair for people who haven't seen it hogwash i want to put the end of a movie i'm gonna put the end of move and we're like john back and forth and then he played jamiroquai followed everything is right yeah we used to have a really good show i know remember it but wow good back then thank you gotta push that's not for you to say it's for us to say you can agree listen to you guys every morning thank you thank you very much that's.

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