Regan, CNN, Congressman discussed on The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer


Yes you see the drivers walking is based clearly they don't they don't want you to know who is driving this jacco where they struck a regan see you mr we can see you all right cnn sara murray thank you so much and we we're back no democratic congressman rokon a of the armed services committee so congressman earlier today one of your republican colleagues congressman rooney congressman francis rooney of florida called for a purge at the fbi uh this is something he had said before he said maybe he wasn't artful but he certainly was talking about really looking at folks who were inside the fbi and the doj and he didn't back off of his criticism there so just take a listen you say you're not trying to discredit the fbi or the justice department i want to talk to you about why you have criticism of them but first are you are you sure you want to be throwing a word like purge around well it but be a pretty strong word i'm not maybe the most nuance political person in the world coming from a career in business but i'm pretty frustrated that all the things that have come out by the stroszeck and or and what may or may not have taken place in general this well let me let me mackay struck moeller remove struck or was demoted i mean so what is the evidence what's the evidence then were the biases impacted this investigation when the very data points you're putting their actually action has been taken against those individuals.

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