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The same kind of situation. But they're also just like supremely cocky, we're like well when Kato wins H H next week because yes, they're just going to trade HOA ages. That's what's happening. Okay. Cool. So so probably probably should talk to Natalie and Lolo first catos like should I should I talk to them without you, maybe and like, no definitely not. And then he leaves and then Kato goes, and he talks to low and he's halo. We've got something to tell you. Oh my God. Not too. Nice. That's how we feel right now. We're we're like, no, no, so Lolo and Natalie go and talk with Ricky again, and they're just like they're done. They're basically done at this point. And they're like Ricky. I mean, they're talking about back door and people like this is this is no good. We need to be we need to be careful of Tom and Cato. This is this is this is dangerous territory here, and Ricky Ricky's, basically almost entirely caught up at this point to the fact that Tom is considering back during and Tom is suspicious that you have the power, and you know, he's he's been talking about some things because he hasn't even asked me if I have the power he's just done some really, passive aggressive. If it was somebody that I knew if it was somebody in this room. I'd be real pissed, and I also the other narratives through this whole day is Ricky bean like it doesn't matter about the power. It expires who care. Matter who cares. We have with Ricky Oregon correctly pointing out we have the majority. None of this matters. The problem is again Ricky's trying to dissuade them about the importance of the power. Tom doesn't care about the power. Tom cares about Ricky. That's why it's not working to say who cares about the power. And if anything I think Ricky should really be pushing like we need to be worried about the power because everyone is very convinced that are has it at this point. So I kind of shifted off of him like he correctly identifies that Tom is worried about him because he's been told and there's all these indicators. I'm like, he's not an idiot. And so I think he should be pushing like, yeah, we need to really flush power. Just get it out of the way like feel if it like put up waste the power. And then we can get rid of Joe your candidate's fine. But what he's doing is. He's being like who cares about the power? It expires anyways. And that I think even if it's not outwardly convincing. Tom will kind of flip a switch in the back. Sounds like who cares about the payroll is just never Ricky. Yeah. The power of the one thing keeping Ricky from potentially leaving the house this week. So again, like, you just gotta be careful of of the power talk here. So we get that's that's basically the end today. A lot of people are asking what is the best move for Tom isn't the best move to actually flush out the back. And it's just it's so hard to try to analyze what the best move these people. They're so bad. This is like the best move would have been like travel back in time. Couple days. Okay. We're here where we are. And then, but also it's like, okay. Best move from this point forward would be to stop being, Tom. That's not gonna happen. Okay. Tom is being Tom. He's making terrible decisions. According to the fact that he's not going to change who he is. How does he make the right call here? That's so hard. Yeah. Well, and it's at this point. I think with everything that he is sad about Ricky and how much he's been talking. He has to go through with it and get rid of Ricky. He has to because leaving rookie in the house armed with this knowledge and his legs skill with people. You have to get rid of him now because otherwise it's just too much of a risk. Yeah. And it's like this was not beret move heading into the week. But as you said like they can't go back in time. You can't just stop being themselves in the problem is that like he plans on using the power as an excuse, which is just going to backfire because Ricky does not have the power..

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