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With Casey. I'm hoping that you saw the show the bachelor presents. Listen to your heart. It's basically like the bachelor and the voice put together. In fact I think the contestants are either rejects from American idol voice etc and the Bachelor Bachelorette. I think it's like people who during the process of auditioning mentioned perhaps that they can play the spoons or the harmonica or that they have been a singer in some capacity school production and that the people from the show called them and said you know what we didn't think you were right for the Clare. Cawley Susan season or that. You would ever have a chance with pilot the Pete but we do think that you'd be great for this other train wreck that we're making. This is a show where twenty people are living in a mansion. They it's much bigger than the bachelor mansion because you can't conceive. Lee Put men and women in bunk beds in a small amount of rooms in a house. I mean it would be funny if it was like the challenge. But they don't even know each other so probably. There would be some legal issues if you didn't provide at least the with their own room so they're there for two hours. I mean it's the break the fourth wall and the minute on TV within two hours. They've disrobed from the outfit that the award in to introduce themselves to Chris Harrison outside the mansion and of course it's hose down the driveway just like the bachelor and They've said God I've been here for two hours here. I am already in the hot tub. They're making out with a stranger two hours later. The best part about it is you can only stay on the show if you're in a couple and this is their only chance to become the music stars that they believed themselves to be so they are willing to pretend that they're interested in someone and performed dumb songs for them with the hope that they can stay on the show so it's pretty good to watch because it's a disaster but in the best way and apparently by the end of it they have to perform for former bachelor nation people who were judging them which. I Find Hilarious. Like it's not even like a panel of judges with that have like you know accreditation. It's people that are criticizing you on your eyebrow movement and how like what your outfit look like when you sang the song so this is definitely not a show if you're if you have a degree from like Berkeley School of Music or Curtis School of Music. Because you'll slam your head against a wall but if you want a show about people who are making terrible decisions when it comes to love scene love ballads outfits. This is up your alley. The funniest thing is after a watch this. I watched another show called Song Land. Now this is a real show about real artists and this is the show to watch this week. So basically the whole point of the show is to discover songwriters so they pitch their original creations to superstar recording artists and a panel of chart topping music producers because they wanna have a career songwriters like a great music collaboration so they pair each songwriter with one of the three producers. Who are the panel of Judges? So that judges are Grammy Winner. Ryan Tetter for one republic. Grammy Nominated Ester Dean. She's written hits for Riana and Katy Perry and and this Guy Shane. Who IS THIS COUNTRY? Music icon with over forty number one records and country and to say it's pretty fascinating because you get to see that how they tweak a song and by the end event all three finalists have songs that you actually. WanNa listen to one of the songs I. It's been like two days now. I can't get it out of my head so if you love shows about music even if you don't I gotta be honest with you. I Know Jack Squat amount music. I don't even really care about music. I love this show. I thought it was the best show on TV this week. I'm also going to watch a show. That's on Friday. It's called too hot to handle and there's a ton of buzz about this. It's going to be on that flex and show produced by Fremantle and it consists of eight episodes and it's people that are too hot For their own. Good just like banging bodies so attractive. And they're gonNA win the chance to win. They're gonNA. They had the chance to win. One hundred thousand dollars but the kicker is they can't make out they can have sex with any money while they're stuck in this like Prison Studio prison. You know it's kind of like one of those love island kind of situations. It's like you're going to be surrounded by Super Hot people but you cannot make out with anybody some excited to watch because I think people go about shit crazy when they're really good looking and they're around other really good looking people enter on television. Now my episode this week this episode has what my favorite. Gus of all time. I've been dying to talk for a long time because she is such a big hitmaker. Tv and she's got the best personality is he. Picked Bar is responsible for bringing dancing with the stars to the US. She created ladies of London which is one of my favorite shows of all time and most importantly she is the person at.

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