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To fill a seat because they've got a neat so you're an engineer micron and you just found out you lost your job i'm sorry but you're gonna turn the corner you're gonna find another job in chances are in this job market you're going to get hired in maybe even for more money than you were making before you've got to make sure that you've got health insurance before you walk out the door or while you're walking out the door do you have health insurance this should be part of your adviser meeting when you sit down with your cpa or me or any other financial advisor or my team that you ask about health insurance and i'm gonna send you to steve marsh with medical plans of idaho because the cobra insurance is not necessarily your best option think about it if you're going to spend more than half this year without income or with very low income chances are you're going to qualify for a subsidy out of the your health idaho program in if that's the case take that forget about the cobra insurance don't pay that extra amount if it's gonna cost you thousand bucks over there but you can qualify because remember a job changed means that you get to go to your health idaho because that's a qualifying event to allow you to go get the healthcare coverage you'll save some money in fact you might even get a subsidy anything we can do to reduce your expenses during this period is exactly what we need the do we also need to coordinate with your cpa your cpa needs to be part of these decisions about when do we take money from a roth ira a pretax accounts such as an ira a 401k how do we pay back alone or do we distribute that as a distribution all of these decisions are coordination's between now three parties your cpa your health insurance person and your.

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