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For the does your candy commission chair Munster tells K. Unisys news I feel so sorry for all the businesses in the large ones and small ones it's just yes the economic impact it's just devastating I feel terrible for that really Meister comedy during his Stephen Ted in the morning here on K. and SS some criminals in Philadelphia are being told by police that they are free to go normally anyone who is arrested would be process data detective division now certain nonviolent offenders will instead be temporarily detained their ID confirmed and officers will complete paper work then they'll be advised under a pursuance to arrest warrant rather than be brought back to a police station the non violent crimes include burglary drug offenses and vandalism among others but if an officer believes in individual poses a threat they'll call in a supervisor to determine next steps for public safety fox's Sheena Humphreys says the police union backs the measure it's designed to prevent the spread of the virus a former mixed martial arts fighter could be a serial killer forty five year old centric marks of clean Texas is already a suspect in two murders in his home state and now is one of two people charged in the death of a woman kidnapped from a domestic violence shelter eleven years ago in Minnesota the other is Kelly Sorenson of Washington state that's where April peas the mother of one of March children was staying in another shelter police say one marks and Sorenson discovered peas there she was transferred to the Minnesota facility but detectives say they tracked peas down and she was never seen again the other murders in which marks as a suspect involved the strangulation deaths of his ex girlfriend and another man in Texas last January Tom or Gotti fox news K. and SS news time now eight ten minutes ten minutes past eight o'clock this morning in traffic we've still got some lingering fog and visibility issues out there.

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