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The weather like? Today is good news. Wait a week, but we've got some good news. This this time During this week, man. Yes, that's what I got here. Good news. Come on, settling going to be the good news. We're going to join me on this one. The Hipster. Yeah, You have funds and the hipster babe. Hipster, the Usher Usher the hipster hushes hipster, Alright. Apparently, this is the team driver Safety Week in Illinois and Illinois, Secretary of State Jesse White announced on Tuesday. Team driver deaths Catch This are down 74% since 2007. White took on the job of creating safer streets of allies and prove graduated license program in 2008. According to eye dot Since these efforts to improve the graduated driver licensing laws The teen driving for fatalities of ribbon really dropped off. I got reported in 2007. Before these new laws. 155 teens were killed in crashes in 2018 48. And in 2019 41. So it seems to be working. The goal has always been to save lives. White says. Well, I graduated. Driver licensing program is working as intended, with teen driving death decreasing, there is still more work to be done. He says. Parents, teachers and driver Ed instructors play an important role in preparing safe and responsible teen drivers. Do you take driver's Ed? Oh, yeah, You have to Oh, okay. At school. Where did you go to? Ah, No, I took it at school. Yeah, Okay. Just checking. Just checking. No, no, I like taking it'd school gave us an excuse to leave. Study Hall to go driving. Yeah, man. Let's go. Drive it. Get behind that. Ah, that 07 Chevy. I think we were driving. Oh, gosh. What was the car? I used to be able to remember. It's a Buick something or other anyway and I took driver's Ed in this in the winter dead a winner. And in an arbor and there is a T University Michigan Stadium. There's a side road. That's not the main road is the side.

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