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On patron and uh i just went also shut out some top tier star patriotic subscribers who have been like really supportive of the show and that's of course jack can stand shin man thank you so much for all your support hail mcnulty thanks thanks allied dude casey adler michael meaker really appreciate all your guys his support did you not going to say how much they donate every month they know they know but i wanna know they're not like billy corgan made on need that credit so back to the so thanks a lot guys in in late in or just a guy mean genderneutral guys ladies ladies are guys to thanks day is that okay is okay from his era come on i'm just like i know it's not necessarily offensive but is it dismissive like i've been saying folks to try and be more like what's the word inclusive inclusiveness exactly the word i was looking for thank you fellas we thank you for speaking up for for women everywhere you can say guys and dudes yes he ladies are dudes two ladies are guys to in my mind it looks like a lady i hope that's okay there has nothing to do with what what are you talking about it is actually very unhelpful comment to make are the fans yet for its littoral does mrs doubtfire slash aerosmith fans there is a there's a real big van diagram of those folks okay so back to the backed his one swan is of course a super group featuring billy cordon and two other guitar he's not gonna let you go further into you say their full name okay please let's do it you you're not going to do it would you wanna do a thorough the true you're the cohost your that's your year fulfilling your duties right now why am i the coast because i'm on the right of you because you said yes to doing this episode okay first no you're just who is in per us like a bed rock you're like a rock solid figure in that awful say are you okay with that yeah con okay why wooden navy i'm just i'm nervous do.

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