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Tally. I'm delighted to be today was a great fan in American his Aigner, Michael Kors. Thank you Michael for coming. Thank you Andre. I'm so happy to be here. I'm so happy to have you. So let's get started. So Michael you come so far like as the Virginia slim saying says you've come a long way baby everyone in the street, and I'm certainly seriously saying this everyone has an M K logo. I go everywhere. I do go to the Westchester mall. I see women in airports women on the streets carrying m k logo bag now that is a phenomenon. What do you think your accessories in general speak to for women, especially the K logo bag? I've seen so many of you know, it's really interesting. I have to tell you. That's funny. I off I have to tell you that when I was in junior high school, I used to sit and doodle all day in class, and one of the things that I do old was in fact, the logo 'em k the Kayla. That we have now. So at fourteen I kind of think I knew what I was getting into. But I think people, you know, maybe it's a very American approach is to fashion that I think that you know, everything in today's world has to function. Yes. People are busy. They're rushing their crazed. So I'm pragmatic, and I'm practical, but at the same time who wants to wear a damn mouth suit, you know, be boring. So you want some glamour you want some excitement. And I think that women appreciate that my excess re's always kind of have this balance. This yin Yang that their glam enough to dress you up, but then practical tactical enough to get on a plane or run to the gym, you know, same thing even how we make a high heel. I mean to me it's like if you have to sit down after ten minutes is the wrong shoe, but the in K bags, it's not just one kind of back. It's it's everywhere in a church. I mean, I see it everywhere. They all various styles in incase store.

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