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The possibility of putting un troops on the streets of chicago to address the city's horrendous gun violence problem in the you and of course has their unity treaty to ban all smallarms boy that instead of stands not of course they'll have it they'll be the big big mothership they'll be the big central control boy can the peacekeepers flew to new york last week to meet with un assistant secretary general of the peacebuilding support oscar fernandez for hongqiao to discuss the issue in an asians has a track record of protecting minority population morgan said before the meeting there was tribal warfare between the tutsi and hutus in africa and they deployed peacekeeping troops to help shape those populations and we're is bloodshed actually the un's now than caught in medley ran the mass murder of eighteen thousand people delays the clintons over sought that's make remiss we have to do something black people chicago make up thirty percent of the population but eighty percent of those were killed by gunfire wants isn't that interesting that it was the un that went in and killed the christian minority took their property using the animist group to do it that was eddie eighty five percent of the population and then admittedly helped him get all rounded up and then slaughtered and an all we need to you in the coming because they love black people barrowman you will not directly address any potential while the day chicagoans were mortars the idea of deploying un peacekeepers when us soil is likely rao many on the right the warned about international forces conducting gun confiscation operations the measure for decades which they're saying this would be the peacekeepers would do guns waves earlier here president trump suggested the plan the national guard revellers cargo as idea was first opposed by democrats there.

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