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A was. Much worse day after day Kato got. Sicker and she seemed very lethargic. She wasn't herself. If cotto had been a human living in human society, do you think that she would have her parent would call the doctor at that point? I think it probably would have raised a red flag to to mom and it's like, Hey, something. On here I need to watch this and that was basically the cue that we were given. After a few days, they took the extraordinary measure to pull cotto out of the forest. It's truly a measure of last resort. Guerillas are social animals in Charlie's team didn't want to break the hard one trust of the other guerrillas by being caught kidnapping, one of their family members, but they had no other choice. As the vets treated cotto in the clinic Shali in the park crew started hearing the same scary cough from more guerrillas in distant parts of the park we became more frightened. The research groups located in another part of the puck on they were also called then after a week of getting progressively sicker cotto died. So caught does death was the sort of. Moment, it was beyond the holy I mean it was hope we may. We may lose the only remaining population of Malcolm guerrillas in the world. I don't think I've been more frightening my life..

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