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Right. Yeah so they started school in, January which is a special school for them because they don't speak. English so it's English as a second language. Program so then they did a little bit of summer school for, that and then they've had like a month off or. So and then now they're back in that same. Program we were trying to advance them onto a different, school but they didn't quite make. It you, know you sent me a video of your son last, night and I was, like I don't. Think he's English is good enough for English school yes, not yeah that's why I was. Trying to, fit him in mind and now I think I have, just gotten better at What, he was saying the time so I thought, their English is getting better but really it's, just that my comprehension? It's getting better of their mixed I I. Know what they're saying so many my sister with her. In Colorado last week and she's she. Looked at me and say what did they say and I? Would, know. Exactly. What they said I'm going to play a clip of. Amy son Stevenson he sent me a video last night I don't know half what he said I'll play it. They, didn't say anything getting money secrets yeah Amy knows everything he. Said yeah I mean I know, what he's trying to say there's a picture on Amy's. Instagram and I texted her because I was laughing, so hard her son who's eight has an. American Girl doll but it's, a boy in two thousand seventeen they started making boy dolls so he's holding it up. And he loves it on the airplane in front of everybody and her husband. Has, his head. Down because they're sign is holding a, doll yeah, he carried, we had a really long travel day multiple airports multiple. Airplanes, and he carried that dole, with him everywhere he went. Meanwhile my husband is a pilot. Like look at these airplanes let's, let's look at. Those there so mazing he'd be like. Doll Hey football Vince, breath The doll is kind of cool though because I would have Because I have human and I. Used, to have all these wrestlers me and play with them yeah I would have a my buddy Adam my buddy wants has. Basically So what's your husband. Think about him always having the doll, he's not, that into it he said he when. We got home he said Is almost like he wanted. Me to, congratulate him for not saying. Something and for holding his tongue the? Entire trip he said. I.

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