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It's about Hollywood. Man, is it relevant these days? We love this stuff happening at Netflix and it is just, it has the pulse. And a lot of anecdotal feedback, people who love the town. Same thing for plain English with Derek Thompson, who has really done a great job of Tapping into smart guy stuff over and over and over again, had a podcast about quarterbacks this week, actually. I have been on the prestige TV podcast twice. Not once. But twice, broke down winning time episode 8, and we also talked about we own this city. It was me, Chris Ryan and big was on both. So check those out. Hope you checked out the rewatchables as well. We did a league of their own. If you missed it, coming up on this podcast. I'm going to talk basketball, playoffs, all the games today with Kevin O'Connor and rob Mahoney and the happiest Philly fan alive. The ringer's Ben solak is going to break down. And especially lively NFL Draft for us. It's all next first. Our Friends from. Project. All right, we are taping this that is 9 30 Pacific time. We taped earlier with rob Mahoney and Kevin O'Connor. So much happened today. We had to bring them back to launch the pod, Ben solex gonna come on after them, talk about the.

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